Manga Gets [3] Naruto DVD’s & Books

I found this amazing DVD’s at my near by future shop, Which is really a miracle! Where I live there is rarely anything anime related, and it’s really hard finding things. The Day when I got these, must have been my Lucky day. Like for real. Me and My Mom were looking at dvd’s, and I seen this Harry Potter Special dvd thing, and Since my best friend really loves Harry Potter, I was thinking maybe she would like it, and as I was picking it up to look at it. Behind it was Deidara! Then I grabbed it right away, then I began to pull the other Harry Potter dvd’s that were next to it in front. and Naruto, Gaara & Sasuke were behind them, So I grabbed them and showed my mom. I was so Happy. I wouldn’t let them go. I was hugging them tightly. XD. I really Love Naruto. and it beats ordering them online from Ontario and then waiting a couple days . XD. It cost around $130 dollars for all four of them. which isn’t all that bad. There’s 53 episodes, so that’s about $2.50 each XD, that’s not bad. & also, It took me 3 days to finish all four. ahaha. XD

Also, I got these Book
– Inuyasha VIZ BIG Edition 8
– Black Butler 7
– Bleach 35
– Vampire 6 & 7
– Sakura Hime

I really love Inuyasha, It was pretty much my childhood. but I much rather wait a couple months for the Viz big Edition. The reason is because, I guess the English version of the manga are all flopped, so you read in the regular English Way. Which is really sore on eyes & head if you’re used to reading manga the right way.

Bleach 35 is amazing & Exciting, Bleach never fails to make me laugh, I think I laugh somewhere in each book, also this volume was totally amazing. I don’t read bleach weekly, so I don’t what’s gonna happen, I did read some spoilers in JUMP, but I don’t read it all the time, So while I was reading this volume I was totally excited. I was just flipping through pages. It was just amazing. ❀

I’m really loving Black Butler, it’s a very good series, I really love the art. It kinda reminds me of Katsura Hoshino’s art (The maker of D.Gray-man). But Black Butler is just amazing. It’s very funny even though they’re just trying to make London better for the Queen. XD
If you haven’t read Black Butler, I really recommend it. (^u^).

Vampire Knight is manga i never thought I would like. When I would read random chapters from BEAT, I didn’t get it and I thought Yuki was too needy. but when I did read it, It was the exact opposite. I really like how the Vampire’s are really Vampire’s. It’s a really good read also.

But Sakura Hime I did not like. I thought it was so boring. and it went to fast in the beginning. I didn’t get it at all. Even when I was only in a couple pages in. I was thinking when would it end. I thought it was horrible. but even with that said, it is sitting in my book self. but I don’t think I’ll buy any more volumes.

Naruto Overload

I recently went to Quebec, Despite it being a French Province I’ve found a lot of Naruto Stuff, aha.

These are all stuff I’ve bought in Quebec and leaving Quebec. There was a lot more stuff there, but I only had enough to buy these ones. πŸ™‚

A Uchiha Sasuke Wallet, I use this for all my cards and all, I think he looks really good on this, and I really think he looks like Uchiha Madara in the back xD

An Adorable Uzumaki Naruto Coin purse, and this where I put all my money and coins, it’s so adorable, I love it.

Also, I got 7 keychains, as you can see, I got 1 Rock Lee, 2 Gaara, 2 Naruto, and one that has Naruto and Lee on it, So cute

I got some cards too, yay~!

And I got 9 little Figures, Tsunade,Sakura,Temari, Kakashi, Shikamaru, Shino, Naruto, and 2 Sasuke’s, I’m not a huge fan of Sasuke but he was there and i bought him XD

Those were all the stuff i bought in Quebec and on the way home I bought

The new volume of Naruto, Naruto 51 ! πŸ˜€
even though, I can’t read it yet, since i’m re-reading to volumes and I’m only on volume 25, ahaha.


I got this Haku in May, after my birthday ~!

I’m like so happy with all my stuff, you wouldn’t believe it, I never expected to find anything Naruto or anime related in Quebec XD
but luckly, I’ve kept my eyes out and found all these amazing things.

YUIKAORI is what!?

This group I just started to like, just like 2 minutes ago, is a part of UpFront Agency!?
UpFront Agency is the agency which Hello!Project is under !
So, my new 2 favorite idols are in the agency as Morning Musume ! πŸ˜€
I just found out and now I love YuiKaori even more,
Their cute, their songs are fun and their in the same agency as my Idols
I couldn’t be anymore happier :D<3

Fan Art [1]

I drew a random chibi junjun, and since i don’t really draw this cute, I thought I should put it on my blog .

I’m not the best drawer, but I sketched this, I thought it was adorable so I colored it too .. lol

I colored it with pencil crayons , lol

Sorry for the crappy-ish pictures, but that was the closest I could get with the camera I had,

Manga Gets [2] Shojo~!

Lol, I got these like 2 weeks ago
and forgot to post.. well actually I was in the middle of it, then I got bored and stopped, but now, I’m gonna fully review these books, since i have nothing else to do on the internet at almost 4 o’clock in the morning….
anyway, please enjoy this review.. loool :

First :

Kimi ni TodokeΒ  : Volume 1
I really love this cover, of all the manga I have, this has to be the best Cover..
When I read the preview of this in Shojo Beat, I thought it was very cute and that I have to buy, but That was like loong ago, and I finally got it on Monday (2 weeks ago).. lol
As I was reading this, I thought me and Sawako are very similar in some ways, and I never compare myself to characters in Manga.. especially in Shojo
but anyway, I really loved this Manga and I can’t wait to buy the second volume,, which will be .. hopefully soon.

Second :

Otomen 1 & 2
Again, I really loved the preview in Shojo Beat, lol,, It’s so girly yet manly at the same time, It’s so cuuute ❀
I love this series so far, can’t wait to buy more of the books ❀

p.s : Sorry for the boring Reviews lol, but I didn’t want to spoil anything on anyone, so if want something else to read that’s really cute, I highly suggest these books.

Manga Gets [1] ~!

Black Butler 1
Hetalia 2

I got these that day I blogged from future shop .. XD
But I didn’t want to blog my book gets from there… ahaha
and since that was days ago, I’ve already read them.. ahahaha..
But I was super excited and happy when i seen the hetalia book, I didn’t even care that it was volume 2, I had to get it, HAD to .. ahahaha
The book store at where i live sucks, so I’m lucky that I get the books I want to read are there,, but anyway,, I also got Black Butler because I’ve seen lots of comics of them on Deviant art and I wanted to know what it was about, So I was also glad that i found it too πŸ™‚

When i was reading Hetalia, I couldn’t stop giggling, I love love looove Hetalia and all it’s funny country’s πŸ™‚ I’ve already watched most of the episode’s so i knew what it was about, but this was the first time i ever read it,, and I love them all .. ahahaha, but I must buy volume 1 soon,, ahahah,,

As for Black Butler, It took me awhile to get into it, I was a little bored at the beginning , but when i finished, I liked it a lot & found it quite interesting, so i have to buy volume 2 also.. ahahaΒ  πŸ™‚

Anime Figures ~! [1]

I’m gonna show you my Anime figures I have at the moment, Hopefully I’ll get more soon..
So, Here they are,, I only have 4, but still.. Dozo ~!

Kouga & Miroku from Inuyasha
Naruto from Naruto
& Al from Full Metal Alchemist ~!

I got Originally had Naruto & Sasuke, but my brother lost Sasuke at one of his friends house T3T .. and I got’s them at Wal-mart XD ,, When it used to be probably when I lived, but I guess I started to like it when that time was ending, and I only got some Naruto stuff before they were all gone D: ..

I got Kouga & Miroku for Christmas? or Easter?, Not sure one of them XD..
and I got them at the local “nerd store” where all the nerdiest stuff are XD ahahahahahahha..

Then when I got my Holiday money from Christmas? I went back to the nerd store and bought Al, ahaha,, He was the most expensive one i got, ahaha , He was 50 bucks D: ,, but I wanted it some much, That I bought him with my own money,, ahaha