Anime Figures ~! [1]

I’m gonna show you my Anime figures I have at the moment, Hopefully I’ll get more soon..
So, Here they are,, I only have 4, but still.. Dozo ~!

Kouga & Miroku from Inuyasha
Naruto from Naruto
& Al from Full Metal Alchemist ~!

I got Originally had Naruto & Sasuke, but my brother lost Sasuke at one of his friends house T3T .. and I got’s them at Wal-mart XD ,, When it used to be probably when I lived, but I guess I started to like it when that time was ending, and I only got some Naruto stuff before they were all gone D: ..

I got Kouga & Miroku for Christmas? or Easter?, Not sure one of them XD..
and I got them at the local “nerd store” where all the nerdiest stuff are XD ahahahahahahha..

Then when I got my Holiday money from Christmas? I went back to the nerd store and bought Al, ahaha,, He was the most expensive one i got, ahaha , He was 50 bucks D: ,, but I wanted it some much, That I bought him with my own money,, ahaha


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