Maeda Yuuka to Graduate?

It has been announced that Maeda Yuuka will graduate from S/mileage and Hello Project on December 31st.  She said she wants to graduate, So she can focus on her studies in order to go into University.  Also, Tsunku has said that she can`t wear two hats at the same time, She needs to focus all her energy into on thing.  This news is pretty sad. but, We should be happy for our idol and support her until New years.

A Package came today.

It’s slightly open, because it came at my mom’s work.
now, what did i get?
let’s see….

Bubble wrap!
and lots of it.
My package had like 3 things of bubble wrap :O
anywho, I got these …

Morning Musume’s “Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa wo Honki de Negatterun da yo!” limited A & C
and Takahashi Ai’s “Jishin motte Yume wo motte Tobitatsu Kara”.
Her edition of the single.
I already opened them from their plastic, & I already listened to them .. ahahaha
Really loud too, and I annoyed my younger brother…, ahahaha..

Mobekimasu’s – “Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku”

Mobekimasu’s PV came out.
To be honest, this song isn’t the best single this year.
When I heard all of the Hello Project groups would join and become Mobekimasu, and would release Singles, I thought it would be pretty cool, you know.  It’s a pretty good idea if you ask me.

but, I thought the single would be totally awesome & amazing because of the awesome outfits and I thought it would be like & ONE FOR ALL. Where everyone got at least one line. I thought it would be all fairness and no centers.

Like this?

But nope!  I was wrong. DEAD WRONG!
The girls who are center’s in their group are center’s in this group.
It really sucks.

It’s all Risa, Airi, Riho, Reina, Risako, Miyabi, Mano, Maimi & Yuuka!
Even though it’s not a big problem, since they always get lines and it’s no surprise that they got lines in this single too.
but you know, It’s kinda annoying. I like all the main girls but the others need to shine too..

I’m really glad Risa got lines, since she was a bit ignored since Ai was around.
Omg, Imagine if Ai was in this Single, The song would be all hers.
Also, I really don’t mind Riho being in center because, well, she’s obliviously really talented in singer & danicng.
& I really liked her from the beginning, since I seen her in the Kyuuki Auditions. and I was really  happy when I seen her in the front for the dance.
anyway, I don’t mind them being the center & they would probably sell more because the most favorites are the centers.

but still.
I kinda hate but love this single.
and I’m not really sure if I should buy it or not.
Because I totally was gonna buy it but now I’m not sure.

Anyway, If you want to check it out. Here it is:


S/mileage’s 7th  Single “TachiAGirl” has ranked #4 in the weekly Oricon charts.
Which really surprised me, to me that single was a bit boring and lacked a lot of stuff.
I didn’t really like the song, I would have loved hearing the new sub-members, their little “oh’s” weren’t enough, even though they are just sub-members and not official members, it would have been a bit more awesomer if they did sing. Then we could see and hear how great the sub members really are. and also the video was bit odd, with the UFO’s n’ all.

I thought this song would be ranked really low because it was so junny.
I was even gonna buy this single, but then changed my mind, because I didn’t really like song or the covers.

It seemed to do well even without my help. and It surprised me.
It sold enough to make #4, Which is higher then any rank they got so far.
They also got #5 or #6, which isn’t that bad.
but #4 is really good for a group who just debuted last May.
and also, it means that S/mileage is becoming a more popular group.

So, congrats to S/mileage ~!

All endings are also beginnings. We just don’t know it at the time…..

Yesterday, Our beloved leader Takahashi Ai has graduate from Morning Musume and Hello Project. It’s a sad time for everyone in Hello Project, even if they don’t really like Ai. but she was such an important person in Hello Project, You couldn’t just ignore her talent. She was great & talented in everything. Singing, Dancing & Acting. She tries her best in everything she does. and She’s just an amazing idol. A really good role model too.

It hadn’t really hit me yet that she has left. but I think it won’t be too long, before I break down. Aha,

Ai-chan was a very special person to me. I may have not really showed it, and She was really low in my rankings. But she was very special to me. When I first began to like Hello Project, I couldn’t really tell anyone apart from each other. but I could always remember Ai-chan. She was to first person I could recognize in Hello Project and Morning Musume. She was always the first person I could pick out. and because of that. She was my favorite member for a long time. She was very pretty & She was really good at singing. and I respected her a lot. I looked up to her because she was like a to me. but as I got to remember more of the members. She ended up being in the back.

Even though, I didn’t really say that she was my favorite member. But she actually was. When it was announced she would graduate I was in Shock, but I didn’t cry like I did when it was announced that Eri, Junjun & Linlin would graduate. but now, I’m sad that she’s gone, but I think when I see the concert and her speech. I’m gonna bawl. Aha,

So anyway, Please continue your best Ai-chan.
& Also, Everyone, Please Continue to support the new Morning Musume.
I think Ai-chan would love that. 🙂
Here’s a little picture spam of our beloved leader Ai.

Also, I wrote a little poem for Ai-chan.

I miss the loud & full of energy Koharu.
I miss the slow & dorky Eri.
I miss the rebellious & caring Junjun.
I miss the anime lover & rocker Linlin.
but I will forever miss,
the lovely & gracious leader
Ai. ♥

P.s. The title for this post. Is a quote from “the five people you meet in heave” by Mitch Albom.

Morning Musume’s 10th Generation ~!

From left to right, There is :

Kudou Haruka, Age 11

Satou Masaki, Age 12

Ishida Ayumi, Age 14

Iikubo Haruna, Age 16

I’m really like this new line up for Morning Musume, and As I said before, I would be happy if anyone got in, because all of them were very talented, and I also said that it was anyone’s game. But, I’m really glad these girls got in. They were my favorite’s, I guess. To me, These girls stood out the most, & their vocals were better than the rest.

For some odd reason, As soon as I seen Ayumi when the 10 finalists were announced, I knew she would be in Morning Musume, I don’t know why, but I just knew. Odd eh?
I was really hoping that Masaki & Haruna would get, I think they really improved since the training camp. Especially Masaki, not only did she get a haircut, to make her more cuter, but her vocals really improved. and I thought she had the best out of all of the other finalists, I was shocked that she improved so much, in a so little time. It was amazing. Also, Haruna really improved too, even though I was hoping she would get in too, I wasn’t really sure that she would get picked because of her age, She was the oldest finalist being 16. I was kinda worried for a bit, but I’m really glad she got. It was like a huge relief, aha.
Haruka, was a bit of a surprise for me, even she was an egg for a bit, and was very talented, I wasn’t really sure, Tsunku-san would pick her. I liked her during the auditions, but not as much as I liked Masaki & Haruna. But I am glad she got in. That means four eggs have debuted so far this year. It’s really amazing, I think. aha.

Anyway, please continue to support the 12-nin Morning Musume.