Manga Gets [1] ~!

Black Butler 1
Hetalia 2

I got these that day I blogged from future shop .. XD
But I didn’t want to blog my book gets from there… ahaha
and since that was days ago, I’ve already read them.. ahahaha..
But I was super excited and happy when i seen the hetalia book, I didn’t even care that it was volume 2, I had to get it, HAD to .. ahahaha
The book store at where i live sucks, so I’m lucky that I get the books I want to read are there,, but anyway,, I also got Black Butler because I’ve seen lots of comics of them on Deviant art and I wanted to know what it was about, So I was also glad that i found it too 🙂

When i was reading Hetalia, I couldn’t stop giggling, I love love looove Hetalia and all it’s funny country’s 🙂 I’ve already watched most of the episode’s so i knew what it was about, but this was the first time i ever read it,, and I love them all .. ahahaha, but I must buy volume 1 soon,, ahahah,,

As for Black Butler, It took me awhile to get into it, I was a little bored at the beginning , but when i finished, I liked it a lot & found it quite interesting, so i have to buy volume 2 also.. ahaha  🙂


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