Hello! Project Collection

This is my growing collection of Hello! Project merchandise. I’ve bought my first cd in December 2010, but I haven’t started collection until October 2011. I use to call it my small collection, but it’s growing so much lately that I can’t call it small anymore. So, if anybody is interested in taking a look at my H!P collection, here are some of my recent gets~

Also, my H!P wishlist is here!
I do unboxings here!
And I have a shop here!


Idol!Swap Gets! – Eripon Michishige Eleven Soul 2L set


From the webshop – Fukuda Kanon Polaroid


From CDJapan – Country Girls’ 3rd single + LILIUM soundtrack


Idol! Swap Gets! – 2 Dawa photos from 2010

10 responses

  1. I love your collection! It’s not small, I only have Fantasy! Juuichi, One Two Three / The Matenrou Show Limited A, Help me!! Photocards and Kyuukies & Juukies 1st Official Photobook.xD

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