A Poll? (Quick Post)

So, recently I’ve added a poll to the sidebar of my blog. It asks “Which H!P Group had the best single(s) in 2011?” and you can choose up to 3 options. I have a reason for this poll and I will announce the reason on July 1st, when the poll will close.

So everyone, please vote~!

Anime Figures ~! [1]

I’m gonna show you my Anime figures I have at the moment, Hopefully I’ll get more soon..
So, Here they are,, I only have 4, but still.. Dozo ~!

Kouga & Miroku from Inuyasha
Naruto from Naruto
& Al from Full Metal Alchemist ~!

I got Originally had Naruto & Sasuke, but my brother lost Sasuke at one of his friends house T3T .. and I got’s them at Wal-mart XD ,, When it used to be probably when I lived, but I guess I started to like it when that time was ending, and I only got some Naruto stuff before they were all gone D: ..

I got Kouga & Miroku for Christmas? or Easter?, Not sure one of them XD..
and I got them at the local “nerd store” where all the nerdiest stuff are XD ahahahahahahha..

Then when I got my Holiday money from Christmas? I went back to the nerd store and bought Al, ahaha,, He was the most expensive one i got, ahaha , He was 50 bucks D: ,, but I wanted it some much, That I bought him with my own money,, ahaha

Happy Birthday Hinata Hyuuga~!

lol,, i love naruto,, and i’ve been playing one of my naruto games alot lately, and i got re-obsessed XD and i really like Hinata,, XD

Today, December 27th is her birthday,,
I have no idea how old she is, because it’s confusing when anime characters have their birthday’s, but it think she’s 17?Β  i don’t know XD
anyway,, the only thing i have to tell you hinata,, is.. pleeeeeeease don’t die.. πŸ™‚
your my favorite πŸ™‚ ❀


I finally got my first morning musume CD,

Morning Musume’s 16th Single Koko ni Iruzee..

back, even though it’s the cover for the single,, it’s the back -_-


and inside,,

even though koko ni iruzee isn’t my favorite song, but its a good song ,, and i love it ❀ πŸ™‚

Naruto (512-516)

D: ,,

i haven’t read it in 4 weeks? D: ,, which is a miracle,,,

and i missed alot, right now, after reading them all, i am full of emotions,

I’m happy that Naruto is Dumb πŸ˜€

but I’m really confused how all the dead people from before like Haku, Zabuza, Asuma, The Akatsuki, and other Tails are alive again, but at least i’m not only confused they all seem confused too. D: ,,


There’s General’s ,, General’s! i thought those were only in Bleach,, but most of the “Naruto” general’s seem hot, the only hot ones are Darui from the Cloud?, Gaara and Kakashi, (of course) and the rest are old, D:,,

oh, and also, naruto is to dumb to notice anything going on around him,, (but i love him for it <3) … but he did notice that the Armadillo had a penis -__-” ,, but of course his S-rank mission was “Does this animal have a penis or not” -_______________-” this manga,

man,, ..

i didn’t them in 4 weeks because i thought it would be easier if i just buy the book when it comes, but then again that will take forever D:,, the next one ain’t coming out until February D: ,,,

so , i thought i should read them and catch up, and now i’m emotions, πŸ™‚

sorry, if i spoiled it

and i’m sorry for my rambling

i swear, then next post will be H!P related πŸ™‚ okay?