Happy Birthday Fujimoto Miki~!

Happy 26th Birthday Mikitty
I love love love Miki~!
Her voice is so amazing & She’s so pretty, I find it funny that sometimes she looks really mean but actually she’s really nice and caring ❀
So, Happy Birthday & Have Fun~! ❀

Berryz Koubou’s 25th Single “Heroine ni Narou ka!” PV

This PV & Song is the best ofΒ  Berryz ever!! So Much better then the Maji Bomber & Shining Power put together
It’s SUPER amazing ❀
The outfits are extremely adorable & sexy (Love Captain’s)
& I really love the Poker Face concept, They look better then her xD The best looking Berryz Gaga would be all of them xD but i really love Chii’s & Momo’s theirs are different yet really cute (esp Momo)
So, This song is about being a Hero? maybe? But they don’t really do anything that would be hero like,, but maybe when i see the English Translation it might make more sense xD
Well, Anyway, Please Check the PV out,
and please support their single it comes out on March 2nd

Recent Book Gets~!

I’m so glad I got new books, I never got any new ones
since like last month D: ..
but finally, my mom bought new ones πŸ˜€ ..

Inuyasha 6 (Viz Big Edition [3 books in 1])
Fruits Basket 2

I had to get the Inuyasha book, it’s the newest viz big edition to come out and lately, I have been loving Inuyasha, I always have loved Inuyasha, but that was when i was 9 or 10 and i didn’t see all the episode’s or read any of the books xD ,, but now that I know how to read manga, I know what’s going on xD ..
but I can’t read it yet .. >:| ..
2 days ago, i’ve decided to read the whole series from what i have and that wasΒ  5 viz big edition ones, and i just finished the second one, not that long ago, So i gotta catch up D: ..
but it’s all good, I love Inuyasha and i can read it over and over and never get sick of it πŸ˜€
So hopefully i can read the sixth one by Monday..? maybe, depends xD

and also the Fruits Basket one, the second one, I have been looking all over for it and finally got it today, I really liked the first one it was quite interesting,and i couldn’t find the second one anywhere & i kept forgetting to order it whenever i order books D: ..
so, hopefully after i read the first again i can read the second one xD

(also, sorry for the webcam photo, I couldn’t find my camera :\)


This movie would have to be the cutest movie
I’ve ever seen :]
It’s so cute & adorable,
I love it,
It’s about a Gold Fish who falls in love with a human
and it’s extremely adorable..
I don’t want to explain because i might spoil it for some
people who never watched
but i HIGHLY recommend it

Happy Birthday Junjun ~!

Junjun isn’t my favorite..
and she would be way at the bottom of my list for Morning Musume..
Sure, She’s cute, but she isn’t a good singer or good dancer..
and she only relay’s on her of cuteness,
She was trying to take Sayu’s thing away from her >:[

Well, Anyway..
Happy Birthday 23rd Birthday Junjun,,
Hopefully your career will soon start in China
Good Luck .. ~!

C-ute’s “Kiss Me Aishiteru” PV

I really like this Song & Pv,,
The Song is very trance-ish, and I love those kind of songs, πŸ™‚
and the Pv is amazing,, it’s really different from other Hello!Project Pv’s
I find it’s very mature &Β  k-pop ish
Chisato, Airi, Nakky, and Maimi look amazing, but i’m a big of Mai’s hair,, its too big,, it makes her head look big, and she’s to young to wear an outfit like that D:,,
but overall it’s an amazing song & Pv,, please check it out,, and also please support C-ute and buy this single it’ll be out on Feb 9..