Top S/mileage Members (2012)

S/mileage is one of my favourtie groups in Hello! Project, so I’m a bit excited to do their ranking!

1) Wada Ayaka (previously 1st)

As for anyone who reads this blog once in awhile or so, you may already know that Ayaka is my number #1 idol of all time! And it’s still true! I really truly love and adore Ayaka. She’s really lively and energetic. She’s always trying her best in singing and in dancing, she improved a lot since the beginning of her S/mileage days, Ayaka is just truly amazing!

2) Tamura Meimi (new)

Meimi is such an adorable little chipmunk! She sings extremely good. She has great control of her voice and can sound good in any tone she uses, high or low. Her dancing is a bit weak but her great voice makes for it (I find). She’s really fun to watch!

3) Katsuta Rina (new)

Rina doesn’t really have a loud character like Meimi or even Akari but her shy, kept to self character is still really cute. I really Rina, she sings and dances really well (Which she should, because she was a Hello! Pro Egg for a couple years or so).  I have nothing bad to say about Rina, she does really well in S/mileage.

4) Nakanishi Kana (new)
Kana isn’t the strongest singer and her dancing is a bit weak and awkward. But I still think she’s really adorable! She does know her flaws and she’s constantly trying her best to improve in singing and in dancing.  To be honest, she did improve quite a bit since she became a member of S/mileage. I hope that she keeps trying her best.

5) Takeuchi Akari (new)
Akari has a very charming boyish personality. I think her boyish character is the best out of her and Haruka. Akari can sing very well and her dancing is quite good also. Akari is just really cool and charming.

6) Fukuda Kanon (previously 3rd)
I do like Kanon, it’s just that I’m not a huge fan of her. I think that she can’t really control the tones of her voice that well, Meimi has better control than Kanon. Also, I think of Kanon as the spoiled one in S/mileage,the one that always has to have her way. Her character bothers me sometimes. I know that she is nice and kind, and that she is extremely pretty. It’s just that she’s not my favourite.

I’m a really big fan of S/mileage and I love all of their songs and singles. Anyway! The last time I did a S/mileage ranking was in December of 2010 (here).


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