Wada Ayaka (03-28-2016) – Nagoya Event

03-28 ayaka's blog1

From Ayaka‘s blog – Ayaka with Meimi and Ito Chiyuri

SAKURA FES (blog post) – Today ANGERME were at SAKURA FES! Ayaka thanks everyone coming in the hot weather! Ayaka was also happy to have other artists fans watching their performance!

It was just so hot out day that Ayaka’s eyes have become irritated from the previous days getting up early and practicing the set list* It was just so warm.

Ayaka was thinking how good a certain song looking during the MC! So many good songs!

Ayaka thought it was also nice to see everyone of Tean Syachihoko since they’re ANGERME is good friends with them! Then Chiyu (Ito Chiyuri) came! Everyone was with Team Syachihoko, they played outside lots and a lot of photos were taken! However Ayaka forgot to take some so she got some from Chiyu. Ayaka thinks everyone is just so cute, she hopes to sing together with them someday! She wants to be in a mix of a collaboration with SUPER GiRLS and Team Syachihoko!

03-28 ayaka's blog2

From Ayaka‘s blog – With Ito Chiyuri

*I think that’s what she means


03-28 ayaka's blog3

From Ayaka‘s blog

Nagoya (blog post) – Ayaka went to a one day campaign in Nagoya today! She was able to do many things and she says it was very fun! Ayaka was able tot do her radio show at Tokai radio which she was taken care of quite well! She says that was a lot of fun too! During the free time during the show she mostly talked about art with the staff. She also had some yummy coffee and sandwiches.

Ayaka had a lot of fun on her radio show and says it was a bit different today. She was allowed to do various things besides just the radio show and she thinks it was because she was in Nagoya. Ayaka hopes everyone will check out Nagoya!

Also, Ayaka shares off-shots of the MOOK “Nihon de Katsuyaku suru Asia Saishu Shoujo” produced by AJ that her and Moe were featured in. She hopes everyone will take a look! Ayaka mentions she’s really good at photo shoots. She’s also amazed that an atmosphere of a photo can simply be changed by just pressing a button on an app.

03-28 ayaka's blog4

From Ayaka‘s blog


03-28 meimi's blog

From Meimi‘s blog

Meimi mentions that this was the first time they met up with Super Girls since they’re member change! Meimi was also talking about Ayaka’s beauty on stage and hopes to become just as beautiful as her.


03-28 moe's blog2

From Moe‘s blog

Moe mentions that it was her first outdoor live, and that it was hot out but lots of fun!


03-28 moe's blog

From Moe‘s blog

Moe a job in Nagoya with Ayaka and Meimi today and says it was a lot of fun! Also, Moe shares an off-shot photo of her and Ayaka from the MOOK they were featured in. Moe expressions how Ayaka is so very beautiful, while Moe had some difficultly with some facial expressions during the shooting, Moe expressions how Ayaka was just so amazing.


Lastly, some new photos on Ayaka’s Hello! Online picboard uploaded by sunshine0823. One photo is from what I’m guessing the event Ayaka, Meimi, and Moe had in Nagoya. While the other ones might be a preview or scan from the MOOK Ayaka and Moe are featured in.

03-28 nagoya03-28 mook preview03-28 ayaka

Ayaka looks ever so gorgeous in the photo above (๑♡⌓♡๑)!!

Bye bye!


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