Hello! Project Top 10 :)

these are my top 10 favorite singers in Hello! Project

10) Suzuki Airi

Airi is an amazing singer and dancer, she has one of the best vocals in C-ute, She’s also very Dorky and Funny … πŸ™‚

9) Okai Chisato

Chisato is getting really pretty lately, and she was an amazing voice, (better then Airi’s :P) .. but i don’t know why she doesnt get to sing alot like Airi and Maimi,, but lately Tsunku has been being nice and letting them all sing :)..

8 ) Suudou Maasa

Maasa, i dont what i like about her, but she’s number 8,, ahahah .. odd ..

7) Natsuyaki Miyabi

Miyabi has a good voice and is good at dancing, and she’s funny, and i’m so glad she got rid of her horrible hair extensions.. i did not like them at all, but when iΒ  finally got used to them she got rid of them πŸ˜€

6) Sugaya Risako

Risako is really pretty and has a super amazing voice, thats why she’s number 6

5) Ogawa Saki

She makes S/mileage fun, with her randomness .. πŸ™‚ ..

4) Wada Ayaka

She’s the cute leader of S/mileage, and her vocals have really improved πŸ™‚

3) Mitsui Aika

She used to annoying the hell out of me, but now, she’s not, and i like her, so she’s 3rd

2) Takahashi Ai

She has the best vocals of all hello ! project, even though i said she was my number 1 but she kinda ranked down, πŸ˜› πŸ™‚

and number is…..

1) Michishige Sayumi

She has horrible vocals, but they are better then they were before,, She’s just really cute, ahahahahhaha


Morning Musume’s 44th Single “Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game” .. it’s weekly rank number is….. … 6th D: 😦 … unbelievable…

The covers are amazing , and i like the dresses, but #6? D: …

But it had better sells then Seishun Collection .. D: .. and it’s Eri’s, Junjun’s and Linlin’s last song 😦 .. i wonder what happened,, .. hmm ..

also, i would like to talk about the Pv ..

I really like the dancing parts, and i really like the colorful dresses, and it’s a good Pv but i didnt like Eri’s Princess dress :\ .. i thought it was just to over the top for me,

Ai-chan looks like beautiful Queen, Junjun, Risa and Aika’s dresses look cute, Reina and Linlin looked like Princesses ..

over all it’s a great Pv, πŸ™‚ but number #6?

sorry, that i keep bringing it up, but it depresses me 😦 .. ahahah..

The songs that were also #6 are

Morning Coffee and Mikan,, ..

mann.. the number 6 depresses me 😦

Happy Birthday Ogawa Saki :]

Today, November 18, is Saki’s 14th birthday :D,, haray! …

She is my 2nd Favorite S/mileage member :].. because she’s just being herself,, crazy.. ahahaha.. have you seen s/mileage making of’s? ,, she’s all hyper, and doing random things, which are cute,,

So Happy Birthday Saki-chan , keep on going while doing your doing your best, i’ll keep supporting you,, good luck (^u^)V

1 month :'(

.. 1 month until Kamei’s, Junjun’s and Linlin’s graduation 😦

i’ll miss them for sure 😦 ,, but with this graduation i’ll actually be emotional involved, with koharu, i was just liking morning musume then she left, and she wasn’t my favorite.. niether,, but! Linlin, is my 3rd favorite, and kamei and junjun are the funniest/2nd cutest D: …

With linlin, i didn’t like her at first but as i was liking morning musume more, she caught my eye with her odd little gestures .. πŸ™‚ and which was completely adorable, then i began to like her, then she became my 3rd favorite,

Kamei is the funny-cute one, and is always being cheerful and i liked her from the beginning, her dancing and singing is amazing, but lately, she’s been looking.. not that right, it’s not her hair, but she’s been looking sick and/or depressed, She has Atopic dermatitis, but she always looked happy, but maybe cause of the graduation, the stress and other issues, she looks like she’s trying to be happy and cheerful, but i think she’s depressed looking… 😐 ..anyway..Β  do your best kamei!

junjun is one of the cutest members in morning musume XD,,Β  with her chubby cheeksΒ  XD she’s so adorable ..Β  i like her from the beginning too, well i didn’t mind her, but she’s so cute,

now, it’s gonna be very hard, to get used to morning musume with out them and with the new members..

Eri, Junjun and Linlin please do your best until the graduation :’D .. and when your gone, please still do your best, people will still support you.. :’)

Morning Musume favorites <3 :D

1) Takahashi Ai-chan

She’s an amazing singer & dancer, and super cute & clumsy ❀

2)  Michishige Sayumi ❀

she’s just cute, ❀

3) Niigaki Risa

strong vocals & just awesome

4) Linlin

She was my 3rd but since she’s leaving she ranked down

5) Mitsui Aika

She may be annoying and loud at times, but lately she’s been getting prettier and cuter ❀

6) Tanaka Reina

She has great vocals, ❀ but she always looks the same

7) Kamei Eri

I don’t know about Eri, but i just don’t really like, she’s cute and all,, but i don’t know…

8 ) Junjun

She’s cute, but she lacks, singing and dancing, well, thats what i think anyway

other morning musumer’s i enjoy πŸ™‚

Yaguchi Mari

she was the founder of Mini Moni, the first hello!project i ever loved was Mini Moni ❀

Tsuji Nozomi

She’s a great singer, and now she’s a awesome mom and wife ❀

Kago Ai

i loved aibon .. ❀ but to bad (-3-)..

Fujimoto Miki

She had the best vocals in morning musume , ever! ❀

Kusumi Koharu

She’s a nutcase but she’s just so lovable ❀

Fankora~! 2010 Concert Review (part 2)

and we continue with this lovely, Hello!Project Fankora Concert tour!! πŸ˜€ (-_-“) …

this looks really sad, -_-Β  , but then again you can see, who wants to keep their job *cough* kanna *cough**cough* (-3-) anyway ;D …

Chisa looks amazing *0* …

awh, man, look at this, Chinami looks like she doesn’t care no more she doesn’t have matching shoes D:, … Captain looks cute, Yurina looks okay, same with Risako, Momoko matches with Airi (kinda.. ) …. Miyabi …. Maasa…. (-____-“)… ugh,,,

Mai and Kanon seem really into it … ahaha, Kanon’s cute

one of the funnest and Cutest songs ever! πŸ˜€ ❀

Niigaki looks like one of those cool hipster who break dances πŸ˜€ ,, she looks completely awesome :),, and Aika over there, i have no idea how to explain her look (-__-“) a table cloth… maybe? i dont know

Eri looks like a Yankee.. ;P

Linlin looks cute, then again she always looks cute πŸ™‚ ❀


now these are the outfits i’ve been waiting for, glittery, colorful outfits πŸ˜€ ❀


“mini moni desu!” πŸ˜›

mano looks cute ❀ πŸ™‚

so does Yuu and Sayaka :D,,

C-ute is so Cute πŸ™‚ ❀


Risako’s dress is so boring looking -_-” but thats okay, it’s better then what she was wearing before πŸ˜›

I found it was cute when momo used her fingers the crawl up yurina’s arm to her hand ❀ πŸ˜€



Naruto (512-516)

D: ,,

i haven’t read it in 4 weeks? D: ,, which is a miracle,,,

and i missed alot, right now, after reading them all, i am full of emotions,

I’m happy that Naruto is Dumb πŸ˜€

but I’m really confused how all the dead people from before like Haku, Zabuza, Asuma, The Akatsuki, and other Tails are alive again, but at least i’m not only confused they all seem confused too. D: ,,


There’s General’s ,, General’s! i thought those were only in Bleach,, but most of the “Naruto” general’s seem hot, the only hot ones are Darui from the Cloud?, Gaara and Kakashi, (of course) and the rest are old, D:,,

oh, and also, naruto is to dumb to notice anything going on around him,, (but i love him for it <3) … but he did notice that the Armadillo had a penis -__-” ,, but of course his S-rank mission was “Does this animal have a penis or not” -_______________-” this manga,

man,, ..

i didn’t them in 4 weeks because i thought it would be easier if i just buy the book when it comes, but then again that will take forever D:,, the next one ain’t coming out until February D: ,,,

so , i thought i should read them and catch up, and now i’m emotions, πŸ™‚

sorry, if i spoiled it

and i’m sorry for my rambling

i swear, then next post will be H!P related πŸ™‚ okay?