Naruto Overload

I recently went to Quebec, Despite it being a French Province I’ve found a lot of Naruto Stuff, aha.

These are all stuff I’ve bought in Quebec and leaving Quebec. There was a lot more stuff there, but I only had enough to buy these ones. πŸ™‚

A Uchiha Sasuke Wallet, I use this for all my cards and all, I think he looks really good on this, and I really think he looks like Uchiha Madara in the back xD

An Adorable Uzumaki Naruto Coin purse, and this where I put all my money and coins, it’s so adorable, I love it.

Also, I got 7 keychains, as you can see, I got 1 Rock Lee, 2 Gaara, 2 Naruto, and one that has Naruto and Lee on it, So cute

I got some cards too, yay~!

And I got 9 little Figures, Tsunade,Sakura,Temari, Kakashi, Shikamaru, Shino, Naruto, and 2 Sasuke’s, I’m not a huge fan of Sasuke but he was there and i bought him XD

Those were all the stuff i bought in Quebec and on the way home I bought

The new volume of Naruto, Naruto 51 ! πŸ˜€
even though, I can’t read it yet, since i’m re-reading to volumes and I’m only on volume 25, ahaha.


I got this Haku in May, after my birthday ~!

I’m like so happy with all my stuff, you wouldn’t believe it, I never expected to find anything Naruto or anime related in Quebec XD
but luckly, I’ve kept my eyes out and found all these amazing things.