Manga Gets [2] Shojo~!

Lol, I got these like 2 weeks ago
and forgot to post.. well actually I was in the middle of it, then I got bored and stopped, but now, I’m gonna fully review these books, since i have nothing else to do on the internet at almost 4 o’clock in the morning….
anyway, please enjoy this review.. loool :

First :

Kimi ni Todoke  : Volume 1
I really love this cover, of all the manga I have, this has to be the best Cover..
When I read the preview of this in Shojo Beat, I thought it was very cute and that I have to buy, but That was like loong ago, and I finally got it on Monday (2 weeks ago).. lol
As I was reading this, I thought me and Sawako are very similar in some ways, and I never compare myself to characters in Manga.. especially in Shojo
but anyway, I really loved this Manga and I can’t wait to buy the second volume,, which will be .. hopefully soon.

Second :

Otomen 1 & 2
Again, I really loved the preview in Shojo Beat, lol,, It’s so girly yet manly at the same time, It’s so cuuute ❤
I love this series so far, can’t wait to buy more of the books ❤

p.s : Sorry for the boring Reviews lol, but I didn’t want to spoil anything on anyone, so if want something else to read that’s really cute, I highly suggest these books.


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