Manga Gets [3] Naruto DVD’s & Books

I found this amazing DVD’s at my near by future shop, Which is really a miracle! Where I live there is rarely anything anime related, and it’s really hard finding things. The Day when I got these, must have been my Lucky day. Like for real. Me and My Mom were looking at dvd’s, and I seen this Harry Potter Special dvd thing, and Since my best friend really loves Harry Potter, I was thinking maybe she would like it, and as I was picking it up to look at it. Behind it was Deidara! Then I grabbed it right away, then I began to pull the other Harry Potter dvd’s that were next to it in front. and Naruto, Gaara & Sasuke were behind them, So I grabbed them and showed my mom. I was so Happy. I wouldn’t let them go. I was hugging them tightly. XD. I really Love Naruto. and it beats ordering them online from Ontario and then waiting a couple days . XD. It cost around $130 dollars for all four of them. which isn’t all that bad. There’s 53 episodes, so that’s about $2.50 each XD, that’s not bad. & also, It took me 3 days to finish all four. ahaha. XD

Also, I got these Book
– Inuyasha VIZ BIG Edition 8
– Black Butler 7
– Bleach 35
– Vampire 6 & 7
– Sakura Hime

I really love Inuyasha, It was pretty much my childhood. but I much rather wait a couple months for the Viz big Edition. The reason is because, I guess the English version of the manga are all flopped, so you read in the regular English Way. Which is really sore on eyes & head if you’re used to reading manga the right way.

Bleach 35 is amazing & Exciting, Bleach never fails to make me laugh, I think I laugh somewhere in each book, also this volume was totally amazing. I don’t read bleach weekly, so I don’t what’s gonna happen, I did read some spoilers in JUMP, but I don’t read it all the time, So while I was reading this volume I was totally excited. I was just flipping through pages. It was just amazing. ❤

I’m really loving Black Butler, it’s a very good series, I really love the art. It kinda reminds me of Katsura Hoshino’s art (The maker of D.Gray-man). But Black Butler is just amazing. It’s very funny even though they’re just trying to make London better for the Queen. XD
If you haven’t read Black Butler, I really recommend it. (^u^).

Vampire Knight is manga i never thought I would like. When I would read random chapters from BEAT, I didn’t get it and I thought Yuki was too needy. but when I did read it, It was the exact opposite. I really like how the Vampire’s are really Vampire’s. It’s a really good read also.

But Sakura Hime I did not like. I thought it was so boring. and it went to fast in the beginning. I didn’t get it at all. Even when I was only in a couple pages in. I was thinking when would it end. I thought it was horrible. but even with that said, it is sitting in my book self. but I don’t think I’ll buy any more volumes.

Ogawa Saki to Graduate from S/mileage & Hello Project.

Really shocking has been announced, That Ogawa Saki will be graduating on August 27th

Tsunku’s comment:

“Thank you for always supporting Hello! Project and myself.

This is sudden, but I have an announcement for everyone.
Just the other day, I announced five new sub-members for S/mileage,
However, as of August 27th, Ogawa Saki will be graduating from both S/mileage and Hello! Project.

In the beginning of May this year, she informed me,
“I’ve been hesitant for some time, and I’ve discussed it with the staff a few times, but my feelings of wanting to return to a normal junior high student has strengthened, so please let me quit.”

Although she is the youngest of the group, I have relied on her singing skills.

However, right now is the time to be looking towards the future.
As a group, and as an individual member, we need to have a strong desire for improvement.
And as a producer, I decided that holding back a member who is hesitant, and continuing the group with her would not be good for both the member and the group. So I chose to accept Ogawa’s request.

When the group was first formed, I made a public announcement that the unit may increase or decrease in members.
Because there was this case, I hastily announced in June that we would be recruiting new members for S/mileage.
Please forgive me that I wasn’t able to report the details and intentions until now, as there were many terms and conditions concerning the group and the contract.

Again, Ogawa is still an inexperienced student and a minor.
For a working adult, it would be unacceptable to give up their job halfway.
But please take her straightforward feelings into careful consideration, and watch over her warmly.

With that, please continue your favors towards S/mileage.

Please excuse me for reporting through this letter on my own accord.“

Ogawa Saki’s comment:

“Thank you for always supporting me.

I, Ogawa Saki will graduate from Hello! Project and S/mileage on August 27th.

After making our major debut last May, I have enjoyed every day as [a part of] S/mileage.
But somewhere in my heart, the real me and my S/mileage self become distant.
I discussed it with the staff a few times, but I was always troubled. I thought that it would be bad for S/mileage if I was hesitant while everyone else was working with all their might, so I decided to return to being a normal girl.

I’m sorry for the last minute announcement.

I do feel sad, but S/mileage’s trademark is to always smile!

I will do my best to finish with a smile until the end of the event on August 27th. The remaining time is short, but please support me!

After I graduate, I want to continue supporting S/mileage with its new members.

Thank you for all of your support until now.“

This is really shocking. I really love S/mileage, they’re my second favorite in Hello Project, even though Saki wasn’t really my favorite, but I still really loved her. I really love because she was the goofball in S/mileage, in Hello Pro Time, she was always joking around and being really genki. and I’m still really shocked. But this is her choice, If she wants to be a normal girl again, she should. They shouldn’t force her (as Tsunku said). Also, She is graduating at the end of the week. On the 27th, which is really quick.
But I’m really gonna miss her.So Please do your best Saki.
Also, Here’s a picture spam of the best member of S/mileage.
Ogawa Saki.