New Hello! Project Kenshuusei Group Named “Juice=Juice”

juicejuiceTsunku has officially announced the name for the unit consisting of the following Hello! Pro Kenhuusei’s; Kanazawa Tomoko, Takagi Sayuki, Otsuka Aina, Miyamoto Karin, Uemura Akari and GREEN FIELD’s member Miyazaki Yuka. The groups name is “Juice=Juice.”

The members colors has also been announced.
Their colors represent a different flavour of fruit juice.
Miyazaki Yuka = Peach (Pink)
Kanazawa Tomoko = Apple (Red)
Takagi Sayuki = Lemon (Yellow)
Otsuka Aina = Orange (Orange)
Miyamoto Karin = Grape (Purple)
Uemura Akari = Melon (Green)

Juice=Juice will also be taking part in the Hinamatsuri festival in early March with the rest of the current Hello! Project groups. Tsunku is also already starting to considering adding Juice=Juice has one of the main acts within Hello! Project, since he tweeted “MoBeKiSuJ”.

Here is a video of the Juice=Juice members being told their name and their colors by a VTR from Tsunku:

Also, Tsunku’s comments about the group and the members:

“In regards to HelloPro’s New Trainee Unit
This time, it’s about announcing that another new group from Hello!Project’s trainees has been formed. The group’s name is “Juice=Juice”. You read it as “ジュースジュース”. (Juusu Juusu)

“Just-harvested”, “Freshly picked”, “Fresh”, “Nature”, “100%” and “Just squeezed” and so to say, I wish they forever will be the unit packed with fresh personalities, that desire was put in to naming them! Nevertheless, they will not be bright, childlike and happy, Adultlike, while they’re trying to reach beyond their limits, with COOL(ness) and the feeling of youth’s sizzles, it’ll be good if they grow in that direction, right?

The members are the 6 people below:

Takagi Sayuki Both singing as well as her rock dancing are strong, she is THE HelloPro Trainee! The feeling is like that, and her skills are at a high level too.

Miyamoto Karin Until this point, I’ve been searching for a unit in Hello!Project where I hoped the participation of this powerful person could occur. Her character is so strong.

Otsuka Aina She is a hard-working warrior from the finale of Morning Musume’s 9th generation audition. The mike catches her type of voice really well, it’s a good voice.

Uemura Akari She was left until the third examination period of Morning Musume’s 9th generation audition, so her present dancing and singing is poor. But, that is just laughable. She is a person who’s personality I have high hopes in.

Kanazawa Tomoko In Berryz Koubou x ℃-ute (Berikyuu) “Cho HAPPY SONG (Single ver.)”‘s contest “DAM★Tomo Karaoke Contest”, she was a member of the group who sang ℃-ute’s part. There, her singing, smile and character was eye-stopping, so after that she joined HaroPro Trainees. She just joined, but came from a big selection of rookies.

Miyazaki Yuka She isn’t a part of HelloPro Trainees today but she lasted until the finale in Morning Musume’s 10th audition and in S/mileage’s search for a new member. Right now she is participating in a unit with SATOYAMA Movement called GREEN FIELDS, but seeing her achievements in there, it was decided she should become a member.

These 6 people are currently doing indies activities because I want their level to raise much, much more. Concering the members who didn’t make it this time, among the present trainees we’ll check for members who has a rapid development and therefore, replacement and increase in number, as well as the reduction of people is possible enough.

I say these words but, I want you to try your best!”

(Thanks to cilver on H!O for the translation) 


My (so far) thoughts about “Juice=Juice”:

  • About the name, Juice=Juice, when I first heard it I thought it was actually kinda odd. I didn’t expect the name “Juice=Juice.” I was pretty much expecting any other name besides “Juice=Juice” (haha). I was like “eh? Juice=Juice? Juice=Juice?” and I would ask my boyfriend if the name made any sense after I would list all of the other groups of Hello! Project (I don’t think he understood what I was talking about since he isn’t a fan of idols… not yet anyway!). Anywho! Now after a few hours of knowing the official name I think it’s quite cute and I can’t help myself by saying the name whenever I can (Juice Juice!). It’s an interesting and cute name, I’m quite fond of it.
  • Even though member colors isn’t a really huge and important topic, I think it’s quite clever of Tsunku to give them colors based on fruit/fruit juice, I think it fits the name quite well. This reminds me of Ice Creamusume, since their colors were based on different flavours of ice cream (such as Blueberry, Vanilla, Strawberry, etc). Tsunku is quite clever and smart.
  • Speaking of colours, I wasn’t really expecting to the see the members colours to be what they are. I was trying to guess what their colours may be before they were announced but I was dead wrong for most of them, the only ones I guessed right was Yellow for Sayuki and Orange for Aina. I’m surprised to see that Yuka got pink since everybody was guessing that Karin would get pink, but I’m glad that Yuka got pink since I would think that pink matches Yuka quite well and I think purple is a better match for Karin instead of pink. I think their colors that were assigned match the members personalities quite well.
  • I’m also quite excited to see that Juice=Juice will take part in the Hinamatsuri festival with the rest of H!P,  and I’m quite curious to see/hear if they would perform their first and own song (wouldn’t that be cool~?). Even with them just being there makes this festival even more to look forward to.
  • The video is quite fun to watch since their excitement makes it quite cute. They also seem to be getting quite great already, which is definitely good to see.

I am highly excited about the future of Juice=Juice and I really can’t wait to hear and see a song from them! I’m already a big fan of the group even though they didn’t even debut yet (haha). I’m super excited for Juice=Juice! (´ ▽`).。o♡

There is also supposed to an announcement by Tsunku on March 2nd during the Hinamatsuri festival. With all needed news about Juice=Juice already announced I am highly curious about what this announcement on the 2nd may be. There’s a lot of possibilities, and with assuming that it’s a good announcement I really hope for a new S/mileage audition (I’ve been wishing for this since like the end of 2011) or even a new audition for Morning Musume, or another Kenshuusei unit could be announced on that day. Who knows! It could be anything really and I’m really can’t wait to see what this announced could be.


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