Manga Gets [3] Naruto DVD’s & Books

I found this amazing DVD’s at my near by future shop, Which is really a miracle! Where I live there is rarely anything anime related, and it’s really hard finding things. The Day when I got these, must have been my Lucky day. Like for real. Me and My Mom were looking at dvd’s, and I seen this Harry Potter Special dvd thing, and Since my best friend really loves Harry Potter, I was thinking maybe she would like it, and as I was picking it up to look at it. Behind it was Deidara! Then I grabbed it right away, then I began to pull the other Harry Potter dvd’s that were next to it in front. and Naruto, Gaara & Sasuke were behind them, So I grabbed them and showed my mom. I was so Happy. I wouldn’t let them go. I was hugging them tightly. XD. I really Love Naruto. and it beats ordering them online from Ontario and then waiting a couple days . XD. It cost around $130 dollars for all four of them. which isn’t all that bad. There’s 53 episodes, so that’s about $2.50 each XD, that’s not bad. & also, It took me 3 days to finish all four. ahaha. XD

Also, I got these Book
– Inuyasha VIZ BIG Edition 8
– Black Butler 7
– Bleach 35
– Vampire 6 & 7
– Sakura Hime

I really love Inuyasha, It was pretty much my childhood. but I much rather wait a couple months for the Viz big Edition. The reason is because, I guess the English version of the manga are all flopped, so you read in the regular English Way. Which is really sore on eyes & head if you’re used to reading manga the right way.

Bleach 35 is amazing & Exciting, Bleach never fails to make me laugh, I think I laugh somewhere in each book, also this volume was totally amazing. I don’t read bleach weekly, so I don’t what’s gonna happen, I did read some spoilers in JUMP, but I don’t read it all the time, So while I was reading this volume I was totally excited. I was just flipping through pages. It was just amazing. ❀

I’m really loving Black Butler, it’s a very good series, I really love the art. It kinda reminds me of Katsura Hoshino’s art (The maker of D.Gray-man). But Black Butler is just amazing. It’s very funny even though they’re just trying to make London better for the Queen. XD
If you haven’t read Black Butler, I really recommend it. (^u^).

Vampire Knight is manga i never thought I would like. When I would read random chapters from BEAT, I didn’t get it and I thought Yuki was too needy. but when I did read it, It was the exact opposite. I really like how the Vampire’s are really Vampire’s. It’s a really good read also.

But Sakura Hime I did not like. I thought it was so boring. and it went to fast in the beginning. I didn’t get it at all. Even when I was only in a couple pages in. I was thinking when would it end. I thought it was horrible. but even with that said, it is sitting in my book self. but I don’t think I’ll buy any more volumes.


Anime Figures ~! [1]

I’m gonna show you my Anime figures I have at the moment, Hopefully I’ll get more soon..
So, Here they are,, I only have 4, but still.. Dozo ~!

Kouga & Miroku from Inuyasha
Naruto from Naruto
& Al from Full Metal Alchemist ~!

I got Originally had Naruto & Sasuke, but my brother lost Sasuke at one of his friends house T3T .. and I got’s them at Wal-mart XD ,, When it used to be probably when I lived, but I guess I started to like it when that time was ending, and I only got some Naruto stuff before they were all gone D: ..

I got Kouga & Miroku for Christmas? or Easter?, Not sure one of them XD..
and I got them at the local “nerd store” where all the nerdiest stuff are XD ahahahahahahha..

Then when I got my Holiday money from Christmas? I went back to the nerd store and bought Al, ahaha,, He was the most expensive one i got, ahaha , He was 50 bucks D: ,, but I wanted it some much, That I bought him with my own money,, ahaha

Recent Book Gets~!

I’m so glad I got new books, I never got any new ones
since like last month D: ..
but finally, my mom bought new ones πŸ˜€ ..

Inuyasha 6 (Viz Big Edition [3 books in 1])
Fruits Basket 2

I had to get the Inuyasha book, it’s the newest viz big edition to come out and lately, I have been loving Inuyasha, I always have loved Inuyasha, but that was when i was 9 or 10 and i didn’t see all the episode’s or read any of the books xD ,, but now that I know how to read manga, I know what’s going on xD ..
but I can’t read it yet .. >:| ..
2 days ago, i’ve decided to read the whole series from what i have and that wasΒ  5 viz big edition ones, and i just finished the second one, not that long ago, So i gotta catch up D: ..
but it’s all good, I love Inuyasha and i can read it over and over and never get sick of it πŸ˜€
So hopefully i can read the sixth one by Monday..? maybe, depends xD

and also the Fruits Basket one, the second one, I have been looking all over for it and finally got it today, I really liked the first one it was quite interesting,and i couldn’t find the second one anywhere & i kept forgetting to order it whenever i order books D: ..
so, hopefully after i read the first again i can read the second one xD

(also, sorry for the webcam photo, I couldn’t find my camera :\)