Concert Review: Hello! Project 2010 WINTER Kachou Fuugetsu ~Mobekimasu!~

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Hello! Project GETS! (04-17-2015) Sayu’s Grad Concert, Photos from Idol! Swap & the Newest Singles from Country Girls, C-ute, Juice=Juice, and Morning Musume ’15.

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Concert Review: Hello! Project 2009 Summer Kakumei Gannen ~Hello! Champloo~

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Day 18.

Day 18 ~

Day 18. Favorite Morning Musume single.

I have a few favorite singles from Morning Musume, but my absolute favorite would be their 42nd Single .

I love everything about this single, The outfits, The Pv, The b-side, everything. I love this single, I think this single is really stunning. And really beautiful.

Day 04.

fourth day !!!

Day 04. Favorite Graduated Member.

hmm.. I had to think really hard about this, which graduated member is my favorite & I also had to think, which one do I miss the most? And when I asked that question, I got my answer for this question. My favorite Graduated member is Kamei Eri.

Kamei Eri is a sweet, dorky girl. Who is very lovable. For some reason, She didn’t really stand out to me while she was in Morning Musume. But I cried the most when she announced she was graduating. And I end up liking her more and more when she did graduate. Odd huh?.. Her personality is adorable, and you just end up loving her.. ahaha.Β  I really hope she gets better soon, no one really seen her until lately.

All endings are also beginnings. We just don’t know it at the time…..

Yesterday, Our beloved leader Takahashi Ai has graduate from Morning Musume and Hello Project. It’s a sad time for everyone in Hello Project, even if they don’t really like Ai. but she was such an important person in Hello Project, You couldn’t just ignore her talent. She was great & talented in everything. Singing, Dancing & Acting. She tries her best in everything she does. and She’s just an amazing idol. A really good role model too.

It hadn’t really hit me yet that she has left. but I think it won’t be too long, before I break down. Aha,

Ai-chan was a very special person to me. I may have not really showed it, and She was really low in my rankings. But she was very special to me. When I first began to like Hello Project, I couldn’t really tell anyone apart from each other. but I could always remember Ai-chan. She was to first person I could recognize in Hello Project and Morning Musume. She was always the first person I could pick out. and because of that. She was my favorite member for a long time. She was very pretty & She was really good at singing. and I respected her a lot. I looked up to her because she was like a to me. but as I got to remember more of the members. She ended up being in the back.

Even though, I didn’t really say that she was my favorite member. But she actually was. When it was announced she would graduate I was in Shock, but I didn’t cry like I did when it was announced that Eri, Junjun & Linlin would graduate. but now, I’m sad that she’s gone, but I think when I see the concert and her speech. I’m gonna bawl. Aha,

So anyway, Please continue your best Ai-chan.
& Also, Everyone, Please Continue to support the new Morning Musume.
I think Ai-chan would love that. πŸ™‚
Here’s a little picture spam of our beloved leader Ai.

Also, I wrote a little poem for Ai-chan.

I miss the loud & full of energy Koharu.
I miss the slow & dorky Eri.
I miss the rebellious & caring Junjun.
I miss the anime lover & rocker Linlin.
but I will forever miss,
the lovely & gracious leader
Ai. β™₯

P.s. The title for this post. Is a quote from “the five people you meet in heave” by Mitch Albom.