Wada Ayaka (01-02-2015) – Two-shot’s with Morning Musume OG Members + New e-Line Up Goods!

2016-01-02 Ai's instagram

From Takahashi Ai‘s Instagram

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Wada Ayaka (01-01-2016) – Peaberry + New Webshop Items!

2016-01-01 ayaka's blog

From Ayakas blog – With Sayashi Riho (Peaberry)

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Concert Review: Hello! Project 2010 WINTER Kachou Fuugetsu ~Mobekimasu!~

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Hello! Project GETS! (04-17-2015) Sayu’s Grad Concert, Photos from Idol! Swap & the Newest Singles from Country Girls, C-ute, Juice=Juice, and Morning Musume ’15.

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Day 18.

Day 18 ~

Day 18. Favorite Morning Musume single.

I have a few favorite singles from Morning Musume, but my absolute favorite would be their 42nd Single .

I love everything about this single, The outfits, The Pv, The b-side, everything. I love this single, I think this single is really stunning. And really beautiful.

Day 11.

11th day ~

Day 11. Favorite past leader.

Umm.. I only really pay attention to the current members but I guess my favorite past leader would be Takahashi Ai.

I know Ai-chan just graduated not that long ago, but she used to be my favorite leader. So, she is my favorite past leader. Ai-chan is pretty & talented. And she was in Morning Musume for about 10 years, that’s a long time. So, Her skills are pretty much the best in the current Hello Project. But since she graduated she’s been doing a lot of things. Like plays & awards n’ all. I really liked Ai-chan, she was my first favorite member.