Concert Review: Hello! Project 2009 Summer Kakumei Gannen ~Hello! Champloo~

HKBN-50120It’s been quite a bit since I’ve posted anything and it’s been a really long time since my last concert review, since watching this concert last night I’ve decided that I wanted to do a bit of a concert review and share my thoughts about this one. As you can see by the title it’s the Hello! Project 2009 Summer Kakumei Gannen ~Hello! Champloo~ concert.

I really love watching Hello! Project concerts and I watch a lot in my free time, since Hello! Champloo is one of my most favorite Hello! Project concerts and the one that makes me feel the most nostalgic since it was the very first one I ever watched and it has all the releases from the time I became a fan, this concert is very special to me.

Yajima Maimi, Wada Ayaka-96946It starts off with the opening with set full of flashing lights then following with the songs Guruguru JUMP” and “Piriri to Yukou” while the girls wearing the types of dresses that are above. I’m sorry that I couldn’t find a better picture of the girls with these dresses one but this picture is the best it’s gonna get I guess.

I may have already mentioned that this is one of my most favorite concerts, but I don’t think I ever told much people that these performances and these dresses are also one of my most favorites. Whenever I think of Guruguru JUMP and Piriri to Yukou, these are the performances that pop in my head right away. I think it’s truly one of the best ever performances from the Hello! Project concerts.

smileage EPSON scanner imageAfter the opening MC from Inaba Asuko and Makoto, there’s three performances. First we have a very young, adorable and newly formed S/mileage performing their first indie single “aMa no Jaku”. They all look very cute and these days it’s a bit strange to see 4-nin S/mileage since they’re now a 9-nin ANGERME, but the performance is very good and I could cry over how they matured and changed over the years.

Next up is Guardians 4 performing “Omakase Guardian”. I think this performance is pretty good as well but nothing really sticks out to me besides a very thin Nakky and a full of facial expressions Risako.

The last performance out of the three is Shin Mini Moni with “Mini Moni. Jakenpyon”. For me this is another adorable and nostalgic performance since Mini Moni was the very first group I got into and Jankenpyon was the song that got me into Hello! Project in the first place. Plus there’s a baby Takechan and Karin in this group! This performance is full of cuteness!

At the second MC of the concert, Makoto talks to Mano Erina, Linlin, Takechan, and Karin. I’m pretty sure Mano Erina talks about how her next single doesn’t include her signature piano (I can’t really remember even though it was just last night I watched this). Makoto then asks how old Linlin, Takechan, and Karin were when Jakenpyon came out. Linlin says she was 10-years-old, Takechan was 3-years-old, and Karin was just only 2-years-old. Linlin goes on about a time she cut her own hair, she said her mom was surprised but it was something her mom couldn’t do anything about, Linlin also says that it was as short as Makoto’s hair and they all laugh.

Mano Erina-88482 Yajima Maimi, Suzuki Airi, Umeda Erika, Hagiwara Mai, Okai Chisato, Nakajima Saki, C ute-91393The next performances are to promote the recent singles from the current groups. First we have Mano Erina performing “Sekai wa Summer Party” with S/mileage being her background dancers. After a few years, it’s a single that I finally like now, for the longest time I wasn’t never too fond of it. Even with that though, Erina performs it very well and her blue dress is too cute.

Going up the H!P seniority ladder we have C-ute with “Shochuu Omimai Moushiagemasu”, though without Hagiwara Mai since it was announced by Makoto in the welcoming MC that she’s absent due to a flu. So we have 5-nin C-ute with Umeda Erika. After their performance Umeda Erika announces her graduating from Hello! Project and C-ute. I’m guessing she announced it earlier in the tour and that people already knew since the crowd doesn’t really give much feedback or much a “ehhhh?” type of reaction.

Next is Berryz Koubou with “Seishun Bus Guide”. Most of the members look pretty much the same but with just different hairstyles, I find Maasa to look really different in this concert though since she looks to be really thin. Though her beautiful black hair and wonderful smile still stays the same, she’s very skinny in this concert. In this performance you can kinda see how complicated this dance looks to be.

EPSON scanner image

Not the same performance, but the picture works.

There’s a quick MC to introduce Morning Musume with their newest single “Nanchatte Renai”. They perform it very beautifully and it is Niigaki and Sayumi who get most of my attention, since Niigaki seems to be acting quite dramatic and really feeling the song in this performance, and Sayumi is just too cute with her chubby cheeks to ignore. Although vocally, Ai-chan really shines in this performance too.

After Nanchatte Renai, Morning Musume sings their previous single “Shouganai Yume Oibito” which at the time of it’s release it got #1 on the Oricon charts. Not too much stands out in this performance but I really liked how they did the ending poses on the top of the stairs where you can only see their silhouettes due to the lighting of the stage.

Β There’s a little MC after their performance. They have Ice Creamusume with Junjun and Linlin as their translators. They introduce themselves in Japanese, it’s pretty cute and it seems that the leader ShenShen has the best Japanese skills out of the four that were present in this concert. The MC’s also welcome Jang Da Yeon to the stage and Niigaki Risa as her translator. Like Ice Creamusume Jang Da Yeon introduces herself. They talk for a little bit before they go stand-by and Ice Creamusume performs “Debut! ~Koisuru Kado ni wa Fuku Kitaru~” with Junjun and Linlin filling for the missing members. It’s a very cute but it’s a not very heard of song since Ice Creamusume wasn’t around for too long. I’ve always liked this song though and I catch myself singing and dancing along with it.

Natsuyaki Miyabi, Suzuki Airi, Saho Akari, Aa!-90141 Hagiwara Mai, Nakajima Saki, Mano Erina-89245Right after Ice Creamusume, Aa! performs “Yume to Genjitsu”. It’s a very cool type of song and it’s also one of my favorites simply because it sounds like either Airi or Akari that does the “DA-UN!” in the beginning of the song. I also find that part of the song to be really fun and it just pumps me up. Aa! performs all over the stage and they even have a really cool dance break on the stairs and it makes a really cool and trippy effect on the VTR screen. When they end their performance they end up back where they started on stage and end with a cool pose.

Next is Pucchi Moni V with “Pira! Otome no Negai”, I’m not too sure if a lot of people like this song since I don’t really see it around too often but again, like many of these songs, it’s one of my favorites. I find it to be a really fun and catchy song with all it’s “PARAPIRAPORAPORAPPO” I don’t think I can ever sing those parts right but it’s fun to try. Since Mai is out of the concert with a flu, it’s just Nakky and Mano Erina. Nakky seems to take Mai’s lines and it works out just fine, it’s just that the dance looks a bit empty without Mai.

At the end of these performances, there’s a quick MC to introduce a solo from Tanaka Reina, and she sings “Heya to Y Shirt to Watashi” which is a calm paced and light-hearted song compared to some of Reina’s future solos, but she performs it very well and very expected from Reina.

Tanpopo# is next and they sing “Umbrella” with very cute and fluffy plaid dresses on, along with cute matching top hats. Kamei Eri is definitely the star in this performance since it’s really hard not to notice her adorableness, plus with her dyed hair she sticks out a bit more than the other girls. The dance for Umbrella is really cute as well and I really like how they draw an umbrella in their choreography.

Natsuyaki Miyabi, Tsugunaga Momoko, Suzuki Airi, Buono!-90142Buono! then takes the stage with “MY BOY”, with this song it really changes the atmosphere of the concert since this song is a more fast-paced and rock song compared to the calmer songs that were performed before this one. I don’t think there’s much else to say about this performance since the girls of Buono! really rocked it.

After MY BOY, the entire full cast comes back on stage and they all sing C-ute’s “JUMP” with all their previous costumes. It seems that some of the Morning Musume members changed back into their costumes from the beginning of the concert rather then wearing their Nanchatte Renai outfits. The other groups wear their single outfits though like Seishun Bus Guide and Shochuu Omimai Moushiagemasu. It could be that the Nanchatte Renai outfits aren’t that roomy to dance in to JUMP.

There’s another MC which I can’t remember for the life of me on what it’s about and who’s there, but it might be the one with Makoto, Risa, Sayumi, and Koharu. They just chat about, Sayumi mentions that she wants this MC to be on the DVD but Risa and Koharu tease her and say that’s it no good to be on the DVD.

After that amusing MC, Takahashi Ai performs “Cosmos”. To be honest, the camera work of this concert isn’t the best and it’s really noticeable in this performance. It’s like super close up to Ai-chan’s face. Now, I don’t mind close up of the girls cute faces but the camera is like super zoomed to her face. The song is nice, Ai-chan looks really beautiful and performs this song really well, but I generally don’t really listen to this song or I don’t really pay much attention to this performance.

ffZoku-v-u-den performs “ONLY YOU”. For the longest time I always thought they said “solo” then I thought they said “sorrow” but in the end I’ve come to learn that they actually say “so long”, I can’t believe I don’t even know what they’re saying for the longest time (lol). Performance wise it’s very good one with quite a bit of good fan reactions. The mic stands are a very nice touch to the song and the dance is pretty good as well. Junjun does a pretty deadly air guitar dance.

ZYX-a is after Zoku-v-u-den and this performance is one of my most favorite H!P concert performances. They start on the top of the stairs spelling ZYX. Koharu and Erika are added into this group too and they just hop about besides the letters since their group number is eight instead original number of six. Not only are the pink and white dresses super adorable, but Niigaki’s high-note near the end is just too amazing and I remember the very first time I heard it I got the shivers from how amazing she did it. I really love this performance!

Tanaka Reina, Yajima Maimi, Shimizu Saki, Maeda Yuuka, High King, Takahashi Ai-89875High-King is the last shuffle group to perform and they actually get to sing two songs. They sing “DIAMONDS” and then “C\C (Cinderella\Complex)”. DIAMONDS is first and it’s a sweet melody type of song that gets the fans to sing along with the ah’s. They sing the short version of C\C (Cinderella\Complex) right after DIAMONDS, it’s a very cool and hip song, and I really love the dance break for this song. The members of High-King performs their songs almost flawlessly together. I find the red and black outfits are pretty nice but I really Captain’s outfit the best.

I think there’s another quick MC then Berryz Koubou performs “Special Generation” which is a song that always pumps up the crowd. The girls are wearing a bit of darker colored dress with lots of fringes, I can’t really remember exactly the color and I can’t find any good pictures of them, but either way I thought the dresses were pretty nice. I’m pretty sure they, like the shuffle groups, only sing the short version of the song.

Berryz Koubou finishes at the top of the stairs and there’s where Maimi comes to stand between the other girls and says her dialog for “Tokaikko Junjou” which is another song that pumps up the crowd with it’s “Are you ready?” at the very beginning. The C-ute girls are wearing a white military type outfits, with shorts and a short sleeved top. At the end of this performance, C-ute does a quick MC saying that this concert is still going and call out to the girls, children, and then the men.

EPSON scanner image Hello_Project-95356Morning Musume is last to perform once again and they sing “Resonant Blue” which is pretty typical for this line-up to do. The girls wear the fluffy purple dresses that are in the top picture above for this performance. They perform the song pretty well, but I’m kinda not use having Koharu sing that “help me” line anymore since I’m use to Ai-chan singing it. It’s just like “Whaat? Koharu?” I know that it’s the original but it surprised me in this live.

When they end the song with their cool ending pose, the rest of the Hello! Project members come back on stage with melted crayon type of looking dress with boa’s and feathers in their hair, while the Egg’s are in a light green school uniform type of outfit. Morning Musume goes backstage to change their costumes while the other members amuse the crowd while they wait. After a few seconds and Morning Musume comes back everybody sings “Sono Bamen de Bibiccha Ikenai jan!” I’m sure there’s people who don’t really like the outfits, but I was always one that really like them. Some members have the better types of dresses but in general I really like these ones.

allcastThey sing “Koko ni Iruzee!” together, which is always a really fun song since everybody is dancing their own dance moves and it’s always amusing to watch this song performed live. The “Break through” lines are always my favorite in this song. After Koko ni Iruzee, they have the ending MC with thanking and clapping for Makoto, Inaba Asuko, Ice Creamusume, Jang Da Yeon, and then the main groups.

The last and finale performance of this concert is “Aozora ga Itsumademo Tsuzuku You na Mirai de Are!” and what I really like about this song is the arm dance moves. I try to the dance moves along with them but my timing is a bit off, but it’s something I would like to work on.

After the last song everybody bows then starts to wave and thanking everybody for coming. And with that the concert ends and the credits starts to roll. As I can’t seem to say enough, this concert is one of my most favorite and it’s definitely interesting to watch these days since the line up’s and groups really changed over these 5 and a half years. I think I would give this concert a 9.4 / 10. I think it’s really good and I really loved all the outfits that were wore by the members. I mean the camera work isn’t really that good, but besides that this concert is definitely a very interesting one and I recommend it to anyone who would be interesting in watching this concert.

There’s about two MC’s that I forgot to mention but I don’t really remember where they fit in the concerts time line. There’s one where Makoto talks to the members of S/mileage and asks them questions, and there’s another one where Makoto talks to Chinami and Yurina. I didn’t wanna leave them out just because I don’t remember where they go (lol).

If you got to the very end, I must thank you for reading this super long concert review. If you liked this type of post please let me know if any of you guys would want me to continue these, and I’m open to any suggests of Hello! Project concerts to review.

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