Hello! Project GETS! (04-17-2015) Sayu’s Grad Concert, Photos from Idol! Swap & the Newest Singles from Country Girls, C-ute, Juice=Juice, and Morning Musume ’15.

getspicHey everybody! I feel like blogging today but don’t have much of a topic to write about so I’m just gonna talk about the latest Hello! Pro goods I’ve gotten over the past month. I feel like I haven’t done one in a while anyways so I’m just gonna run with this.

More than a week ago, I got Sayumi’s grad concert “GIVE ME MORE LOVE” for Easter.

04-05-2015I wanted to get this concert for so long but I wasn’t really able to get it right away, but luckily the Easter Bunny hopped on over and dropped this beautiful blu-ray into my basket. I’m so happy to finally have it, I watched the live stream back in November but after that I haven’t really watched much of it so I was very excited to watch the whole concert without any disconnections.

I’ve watched it about twice so far, first with my mom since she likes to watch Morning Musume concerts with me ever since the concert in NYC, but she fell asleep on me after I WISH, and I didn’t even get to finish the whole thing the first time cause we had to go to Sunday Dinner. The second time around, I watched the whole thing by myself. It’s a pretty great concert, and I surely miss Sayumi.

04-14-2015 04-16-2015The next things I’ve gotten are some photos from various sellers on Idol! Swap.

I got a Platinum 9 set from the Nine Smile tour. I’ve been really missing those nine girls a whole these days so I just had to get another set of them to add to my collection. I have another set but I think it might be from 2008, I thought it would be nicer to have a set from a time line that I was around for. I hope to get a few more sets of Platinum 9 Era eventually. Also, another add to my Morning Musume photo collection is a photo of Kudo Haruka from the 2015 hina fest off shot set. She’s one of my faves, and I don’t have any solo pictures of her so I got that one.

The next photos I’ve gotten, as you can see above, are a few Wada Ayaka photos. Various ones from various timelines in her idol life. In the first three I gotten, two are from the 2013 Hello! Project Winter tour and one is also from the 2015 hina fest off shot like the Haruka one. The other three photos in the bottom photo, the top one is from the 2012 Hello! Project Summer tour, the bottom left is from S/mileage’s first indie single “aMa no Jaku” and the bottom one is from the 2009 Hello! Project Concert tour “Hello Champloo.” I’m extremely happy to have to Hello Champloo t-shirt one since you may already know, it was the very first concert I ever watched and one I’m really fond of. It’s also the very first Hello! Project concert S/mileage performed at so this photo really means a lot to me and I just had to get it when I first seen it on sale.

04-17-2015The last thing I wanted to talk about I’ve gotten just today. The latest singles from the groups that recently had their singles released.

I ordered these CDs all together back in February so I had to wait quite a while for the package to be shipped out to me. It was finally shipped out to me on Sunday and I got them today ❤ !! When I ordered them it said that Juice=Juice was all out of the first press bonuses, but CDJapan surprised me with giving me the first press bonuses anyway. I kinda wish they would have gave me a heads up though cause I ended up buying a few trading cards from YAJ, and one is the exact same one I got of Sayuki. I’m not even the biggest fan of Sayuki but I always end up pulling her from my Juice=Juice singles, I’m so use to it now that it would be weird not to get a Sayuki trading card. I might have to sell the extra one I’ll be getting.

As you can see in the photo above, I got mostly group cards this time around. I rather have solo member cards but I can’t really complain too much I’m happy to get any card with my CDs. The only one I was quite surprised about was Zukki’s card from Yuugure wa Amegari, I don’t really tend to get Zukki cards but it was definitely a nice surprise too.

If anybody is interested, I have an unboxing video of the CDs.

Thanks for reading and watching everybody!
Bye bye~



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