Top 5 Hello! Pro Kenshuuseis (2015).

blog, Hello! Pro Egg, Shimizu Saki, Yoshizawa Hitomi-570309I wasn’t too sure if I would do a top 10 or top 5 of my favorite Hello! Pro Kenshuuseis, but I decided to go with only my top 5 since there’s still quite a bit of Kenshuusei girls who I don’t really that well just yet, there is however a few girls who I’ve been really liking for a while now and that’s what I’m gonna share with you guys today!

#5Nakano Rion

(pictured with Fujii Rio)

Well, Rion is a pretty new Kenshuusei who hasn’t really been around for long just yet and not much of the newer Kenshuuseis has really captured my attention, but watching one the recent episodes of GREEN ROOM where Kenshuusei girls had to audition for certain parts of Mr. Moonlight, Rion’s really cute vocals and delayed lines were just too beyond adorable, even the teachers scoring her thought she was real cute when she messed up. Her cuteness just made me love her instantly!

#4Hashimoto Nagisa

(pictured with Tanimoto Ami)

(pictured with Tanimoto Ami)

I haven’t really been paying much attention to Nagisa until recently, watching her in the Summer concert tour’s rehearsal footage where her, Ikuta Erina, and Nonaka Miki were practicing their acrobat parts really made me have more of an interest in her. I’m not too sure on what I really like about her just yet since my love for is pretty new, but she does have my attention and I’m quite interested in seeing what she might be featured more in.

#3Danbara Ruru

(pictured with Yamagishi Riko)

(pictured with Yamagishi Riko)

I’ve always liked Ruru, she’s very talented in both singing and dancing, and she’s actually from the same acting school as Sayashi Riho which is really interested to hear. I’m just really fond of Ruru, plus she has such a fun name to say. She’s definitely one of the Kenshuusei girls I really hope to see debut sometime in the future.

#2Funaki Musubu

(pictured with Hamaura Ayano)

(pictured with Hamaura Ayano)

I just think Musubu is unbelievable adorable! She’s just super cute like all the time, and I really like her singing too. I actually kinda think she might fit in really well in ANGERME, if she decided to audition and actually makes it in. I’m not too sure though since she’s still very young and ANGERME does have some sexier songs that I wouldn’t really be too comfortable seeing Musubu dancing to, but I think she’ll definitely do really good with the earlier S/mileage songs since they’re kinda more child-like. Who really knows though, I do really hope for her debut though either in ANGERME or in her own group.

#1Kaga Kaede

(pictured with Ogata Risa)

(pictured with Ogata Risa)

Kaede has been one of my most favorite Kenshuuseis for a real long time, and since most of my other favorites are on their ways to their debut, Kaede has taken the #1 spot for me within the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei program. I think she’s definitely one of the most talented in the program and I am forever wishing for her debut since she has an amazing voice and her dancing is quite good as well. I also think she looks a bit like Maeda Yuuka so that factor might be real good for her for capturing more fans since there was lot of people who really loved Yuuka. I think Kaede might fit really well in ANGERME, with any type of theme they already did and plan on doing since I think Kaede could fantastic in whatever they give her.

Hello! Pro Egg-556254There’s also a few more girls that I really like as well, and that includes Yanagawa Nanami, Takase Kurumi, Ichioka Reina, Akiyama Mao, and Inoue Hikaru but there’s a few girls that I don’t really know quite yet to do a top 10 so I just stuck with a top 5, but in reality I would be real happy for any of the girls from Hello! Pro Kenshuusei to get a chance to debut in a main Hello! Project group. I know a lot of fans don’t really pay much attention to the Kenshuuseis but I think they’re really worth checking out at least. If you don’t know much about the Kenshuuseis, I hope my list can kinda help you with a few names and faces.

I think this is it from me today, this top post is definitely the last one for the currently groups but I’m thinking I might do a top 5 OG list next week and I think that would be it for my top posts for a while unless a new group pops up or something but I probably won’t do one for a while after next week. I hope you enjoyed reading this little post of mine, and please free feel to tell me what you think and which Kenshuuseis have your attention (*^^*)!

Also, here are two of my more recent rankings if you feel like checking them out as well (^^)! Just click on the pictures and they’ll redirect you to those rankings.



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6 responses

  1. I’ve only gotten into the Kenshuusei recently, and while I’ve seen good things from many people, my favorite has to be Kaede as well. She’s very talented and I hope she either joins 4ki ANGERME or debuts as a soloist soon.

  2. I am bit irritated that you always write “Kenshuusei’s”. You do not need a ‘ when using plural :).

    I have been a Kenshuusei (formerly H!P Egg) Fan since late 2009 when Tanabe Nanami joined and when I saw all the Eggs who were background dancers for Mano Erina in her MVs.

    Until now many of my favourites have either debuted or sadly left but especially since early 2012, when H!P Egg got renamed into H!P Kenshuusei, they got a lot of interesting and talented girls :).

    Right now my favourites are:

    Ichioka Reina: she caught my attention in the MoMusu 11ki Suppin Utahime audition. I find her quite beautiful and she seems to have made a lot of progress since late 2012 (you can make a good comparison between her KSS test performances).

    Kaga Kaede: I think that she is heading the same way as Murota Mizuki. Mizuki eventually became the best allrounder among the Kenshuusei and I think and hope that H!P will let Kaede debut one day. She became much better in singing during the last two years and she looks cute.

    Danbara Ruru: Clearly one of the best singers among the current Kenshuusei. Coming from Actors School Hiroshima (same as Perfume, Sayashi Riho, Ruru’s sister Riri, BABYMETAL’s Su-Metal and her older sister, Nogizaka46′s Nakamoto Himeka) she got very well trained there. She should definitely debut as soon as possible, otherwise it will be a heavily wasted chance.

    Funaki Musubu: She is still quite young but the Kenshuusei training seems to have helped her a lot. Her performance of 21ji Made no Cinderella at this year’s KSS test brought her the judge’s singing award (even beating Ruru!) and it was absolutely fantastic. I think that Musubu has a great future ahead of her.

    Onoda Saori: She is a former member of the idol group Princess♪Ribbon so she already gained some experience before joining the Kenshuusei. Even though she shouted a bit sometimes I liked her performance of GOOD BYE Natsuo at this year’s KSS test. Her voice is seemingly one of the strongest among the Kenshuusei.

    Horie Kizuki: One of the six former Nice Girl Project Kenshuusei. Her biggest interest is dancing and she got chosen as a background dancer for one of °C-ute’s MVs very quickly. At the KSS test she sang Shabondama, which brought her the “best character” award. I think that Shabondama is difficult to perform and Kizuki’s performance was really great. I think that she is also a candidate for a debut.

    Takase Kurumi: another Kenshuusei with previous experience. Kurumi was in the idol group Tochiotome25 before joining the Kenshuusei. A lot of fans talked very positively about her so I decided to pay attention to her aswell. At the KSS test she sang Senobi and it sounded very good.

    Yanagawa Nanami: She was in the batch of the newest Kenshuusei. According to the H!P Wikia she failed a Morning Musume audition, then auditioned for the Kenshuusei in early 2015 and passed. At the KSS test 2015 she sang Romance no Tochuu and for me that performance was one of the best from the test. Time will tell what her time in H!P is going to be like.

    • Oh! That’s right! I’m sorry for my mistake, I fixed that in this post and will keep that in mind for future posts (^^)! Thanks for reminding me, I don’t think I’m very good at writing or proper grammar (._.)’!! & Thanks for letting me know your favorites (^^)! It was definitely an interesting read 🙂 !!

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