Top 5 Hello! Project OG Members (2015).

maxresdefaultThis last post where I will be talking about my top members for a while, today I will be talking about my top 5 Hello! Project OG members. I find I don’t really talk a whole lot about OG members and truthfully I don’t really pay much attention to them once they graduate from their respected groups, but there are a few girls who I do really miss seeing around sometimes so I’m going to be sharing with you guys who they are.

#5Fujimoto Miki

mikittyStarting my list is Fujimoto Miki, Mikitty! I really like Miki, I think she has one of the best vocals that Hello! Project ever had, and even I don’t think I actually seen much performances of her I still think she’s pretty great. I also like that she has a bit of a tough appearance but really has the heart of gold. I’ve always really liked Mikitty since my early days as a fan, always thought she was great.

#4Tsuji Nozomi

tsujichanI’m actually not too sure if a lot of people know that I really love Tsuji-chan, but I really do! I think she’s just so hilarious, all her little antics while in Morning Musume just cracks me up. Though I would have to say her appearance has changed quite a bit since her Morning Musume and W days, she still has that funny personality which I really love. I think she has become such a great mother and wife (same with Miki!), Nozomi has really made a real nice life for her and her family.

#3Shimizu Saki

captainI was actually thinking of putting Captain at #2, but I thought since she hasn’t been gone for very long I decided to put her at #3 instead. For the longest time Captain was one of my most favorite members, along with Dawa. My love for her Captain can’t just vanish even if she graduated. I’m really happy that she has a Hello! Project adviser so we can still see what she’s up. I’m also real glad that she has a say when it comes to the newer groups, and even judging the Kenshuusei’s for their upcoming recital. I’m just really happy that she hasn’t decided to live a normal life and just disappear from us fans, though I don’t think I would really mind, just live your life as you want Captain!

#2Niigaki Risa

gakisanGaki-san is actually my most favorite Morning Musume member. I think she has one of the best vocals, and her reactions are sincerely the best and most amusing. I kinda feel like she’s a bit unappreciated sometimes since were really more focused on Ai-chan, and that always kinda bothered me. I really love Gaki-san though so I pay my attention more towards her since she’s really a star performer.

#1Mano Erina

manochanI wonder if this a surprise? Mano Erina is the OG member that I really miss the most! I miss her all the time, and I miss seeing her in Hello! Project. I was just starting to really like her more near the time before her graduation so I wasn’t at all ready for her to graduate from Hello! Project but she did and I’m forever sad about it, but she seems to be doing really well as an actress and I couldn’t be more happier for her. She’s really great and I really can’t say this enough but I really do miss Mano-chan so much (;o; )!

Hello21_Project2010There’s other members I do miss seeing around too but sometimes we can still see around so I’m not really as bitter with their graduations. Besides the five I listed, I do miss the other girls of Morning Musume’s platinum era since they were the line-up I came to love when I first became a fan six years ago. I miss seeing Miyabi and Risako, but Miyabi is making her own group so I’m sure we’ll get to see a whole lot more from her and though Risako went back to a normal life we still spot her someone’s instagram.

Like I said this is the last top members post for a while, but I’m thinking of doing top songs from each group or theme but I’m not too sure yet but please stay tuned to what I might be doing next (*^^*)! Feel free to tell me what members you miss the most too!

If you’re interested or didn’t read them yet, here are my most recent rankings! Just click on the picture and it’ll redirect you to that post.



Also, don’t forget that there’s a petition to try to get ℃–ute to come to Canada!

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