Top Kobushi Factory Members (2015).

tumblr_nrfy1ov30L1u20eelo1_1280This week I’ll be talking about one of the newest Hello! Project groups that are just on their way to their debut, Kobushi Factory! I think this might be the first time I’ll be talking about the Kobushi Factory members, when the group was announced earlier this year I think I was just excited about only a few Kenshuusei’s debut, but my likeness of some girls have really changed within these short few months so today I’ll be sharing with you my thoughts about these girls!

#8Inoue Rei

inoueI think Rei is still a mystery to me, she like just joined Hello Pro Kenshuusei before being put into Kobushi Factory. There’s nothing wrong with that but it was a real fast debut, I didn’t and still don’t really know much about her so that’s why she’s at the bottom of my list. From what I can from hear from her so far, she seems to be a fairly great singer and I absolutely love her line in Nen ni wa nen “Wasuren na Umbrella” which is even like one of my most favorite parts of the song. I’m sure if I keep seeing and hearing more from her I’ll come to form more of an impression from her but right now I think she’s a mysterious girl who haven’t really captured my attention just yet.

#7Hamaura Ayano

hamauraI think Ayano is just one of the cutest members there is, her dancing and her singing are pretty great too! She’s definitely the Karin type of ace in Kobushi Factory. At first I was really excited to see Ayano debut since I really liked her when she was in Hello Pro Kenshuusei but lately I just tend to kinda forget that she’s in Kobushi Factory. I think there’s just so many other members that kinda show off more personality than her that she doesn’t really stick out to me as much as she use to.

#6Wada Sakurako

wadaI’ve always been quite interested in Sakurako, I thought it was interesting to have another Wada in Hello! Project, also watching her sing “Ai no Sono ~Touch My Heart!~” in Morning Musume ’14’s Evolution tour with other members of that Kenshuusei act made me really like her a bit more than I originally did. I really like that deep voice that she has, which is a little surprising to hear from her since she’s only 14. I really look forward to see more from Sakurako, I’m sure she can become even better as the years go by.

#5Nomura Minami

nomuraI’ve always been quite fond of Minami when she was in Hello Pro Kenshuusei, I don’t think she really stood out to me that much back then but I find that it’s hard not to notice Minami now that she’s in Kobushi. She’s just becoming so stunning and her vocals are so great too, she’s been really sticking out to me lately. Though she has been capturing quite a bit of my attention lately and I think she’s just so great with her performances, there’s just a few other members who I like just a tad more than her.

#4Fujii Rio

blog, Fujii Rio-553769Rio has a real interesting character and also has the most expressive reactions I’ve ever seen since Gaki-san, though Rio’s reactions aren’t really the same as Gaki-san since Rio’s are rather a bit more strange but it makes Rio real interesting to watch. I just really like Rio, but if you were ask me what I thought about her when she was auditioning for S/mileage back in 2011 I would probably tell you she seems like a girl who doesn’t like to listen and that she doesn’t seem like a girl I would really enjoy, but like four years here she is. She seemed to really change her attitude since then, her change over the years really leaves me impressed. Sometimes I can’t believe she’s the same girl since she just seems like a total different person now. I really enjoy Rio now and I think she’s a really great performer.

#3Ogawa Rena

ogawaI’ve said Rena was my most favorite newcomer of 2015 earlier this year but it seems she went a bit down for me and some other members overtook her spot I had for her. I’ve always really loved Rena since her Kenshuusei days as well, and it always made me so happy to see her perform with the Kenshuusei acts in some main acts concert tours. She has quite a quiet but elegant nature to her which is one of the main things that make me love her as much as I do. She’s pretty good at dancing, her vocals are quite good, and she has like the best smile. I just really love Rena~

#2Hirose Ayaka

hiroseMy love for Ayaka is pretty new, which is a bit surprising since she’s just as new as Rei and I love Ayaka a whole lot already. At first I didn’t really pay much attention to her since I didn’t really know much about her but her selfies from Kobushi’s blog really captured my heart since she’s a real beauty. Liking an idol for their beauty is a little vain so I kept an eye on her to see if there’s other factors that I could like about her and it turns out there is. I really like her singing since I think she has a real nice and deep voice like Sakurako. Her dancing also seems to be quite good. I’m still not too sure on how her personality is but she really has my attention so I’m sure I could get more of an impression on her as time goes by.

#1Taguchi Natsumi

taguchiMy #1 member of Kobushi Factory is probably the most cutest member of Kobushi, Taguchi Natsumi! I just think Natsumi is one of the most cutest little members of the current Hello! Pro. I remember when she first joined Hello Pro Kenshuusei, I wasn’t much of a fan of her but as the years went by I’ve fond myself liking her more and more, and I just so happy when her and Rena got to debut since they were my top Kenshuusei’s at the time and I was even more happy that they were debuting together too! That day of the new unit announcement was a real great day for me ~! Not only is Natsumi way too adorable, but her singing and dancing skills are pretty great and I’m sure they’re really improve over the years too.

tumblr_nskf2iNNvM1qz93v9o1_500Anyway! That’s my little ranking of Kobushi Factory, next week I’ll talk about Tsubaki Factory but to be honest with you Kobushi is already my favorite out of the factories. Kobushi is just full of many talented singers, dancers, and interesting characters that I feel like Tsubaki slacks a little with.

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post, and please free feel to tell me what you think (*^^*)! Down below are the links for my other recent rankings so please feel free to check them out too if you haven’t yet!



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6 responses

  1. I look forward to reading your rankings every week, Chia! I don’t know much of Kobushi Factory’s members to fully rank them for now, but Hama-chan, Rio, Ayapan, and Natsumi are favorites of mines for sure. I don’t even know the names of the Tsubaki girls however, but hopefully I’ll get to know them better with their debut single.

    • Thank you! I really appreciate it πŸ™‚ ❀ !!
      If I wasn't familiar with the girls when they were Kenshuusei's, I probably wouldn't know much about them either (lol) but I try to pay attention to all groups even the Kenshuusei's (^^)! The girls of Tsubaki haven't really captured much of my interest but I really like Riko though I'm not too sure on the other members just yet XD! I really look forward to both of the factories debuts though πŸ™‚

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