Top Tsubaki Factory Members (2015).

Asakura Kiki, Kishimoto Yumeno, Niinuma Kisora, Ogata Risa, Tanimoto Ami, Tsubaki Factory, Yamagishi Riko-550034Continuing on with my group rankings, this week is definitely the most newest group formed, Tsubaki Factory. I almost forgot to do this today but luckily it’s still early in the morning here, so I’ll sharing with you my thoughts about this newest group.

Just kinda wanna mention one thing before I start, since Tsubaki Factory is the newest out of the groups with half of the girls even being new to the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei program, I feel like I don’t really know a whole lot about the girls just yet. From I seen from them which is only the 17sai and Seishun Man Man Naka performances from Haro Sute, that’s what I’m mostly basing my judgements from. I do feeling pretty confident that this would what my ranking would look like though so I’ll be just gonna do this quick ranking now!

#6Asakura Kiki

asakuraI do think Kiki has good vocals and seems to be the best dancer of the group, she even does seem to have a Takahashi Ai-chan vibe to her which people seem really like about her. I guess I just need to see more from her since I don’t really have much of an impression on her just yet. I feel a little vain to say this but I just don’t really find Kiki very cute which is a little odd for me since I always seem to think most Hello! Pro members are very cute, but Kiki just doesn’t really catch my eye as much as the other members. I think her talents are probably one of the best in the group but I guess Kiki just isn’t my cup of tea just yet, who knows I might just like her later on we’ll just have to see how things go for Tsubaki Factory.

#5Tanimoto Ami

tanimotoWith Ami I feel like it’s a bit opposite from Kiki, I find Ami to be total adorable but her talents seem to be a bit slacking compared to the other members. At first from watching 17sai for the first time I thought she didn’t dance or sing very good but I just thought maybe she was nervous since that was Tsubaki Factory’s first live performance but as they kept performing throughout the months she didn’t really seem to change her ways. Though I think she’s not the best performer I can’t seem to get over her cuteness! I do hope she improves though.

#4Kishimoto Yumeno

kishimotoI think Yumeno is very pretty and her singing and dancing are both very good. Though she was in the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei program for a while now before being put into Tsubaki Factory, I don’t think I seen a whole lot from her since most of my favorite Kenshuusei’s were most of the Kobushi members and I just put a lot of my attention onto them. I didn’t totally ignore Yumeno though, she performed in the Real Berryz concert  and I thought she did very well when they did the Kenshuusei act. I actually do look forward to seeing more from Yumeno.

#3Ogata Risa

ogataRisa is definitely one of the newest girls to be highest in my little ranking. I think she’s pretty cute and I also think her talents are pretty good as well. Though I don’t really know a whole lot about her just yet, she does capture my attention and I do want to more about her. Did you know she’s learning German? Isn’t that just the coolest thing? I never heard of any Hello! Pro learning German before. Risa really captures my interest and I do really look forward to seeing more from her.

#2Niinuma Kisora

niinumaMy love for Kisora really blossomed last year I believe, she even ended up being my #5 favorite Kenshuusei by the end of the year. I think she has a pretty unique but good vocals and I think her dancing is pretty good too. She has a bit of an interesting personality since she’s a bit of an air-head like Ogawa Rena who I really love so it’s all good in my books. I think she has the potential to maybe become the ace of Tsubaki which I’m really eager to see in the near future.

#1Yamagishi Riko

11223581_1612764628972469_5674873001239621133_nWhen all my favorite Kenshuusei’s debuted in Kobushi, RikoRiko suddenly became one of my most favourite Hello! Pro Kenshuusei’s. I think she’s just one of the most cutest members out there and I’ve always thought that for a couple years now. Her vocals are also pretty cute sounding and her dancing is pretty good. I just really love this girl and I was so happy to hear that she gets to debut back when they first announced the formation of Tsubaki Factory.

le1IRBslAnyway there’s my little ranking of Tsubaki Factory. I’m sorry if I’m not clear with a few of my thoughts but to be honest I didn’t really feel like blogging and I just wanna get to what I was doing, before I remembered that I had to do this today (lol). Today is a bit of a busy day for me but I didn’t want to not this post so here it is! I’m sure my impressions of the girls will change as time goes by since they’re still pretty new, so don’t really take my words personality if I said something you don’t agree with.

Since this was the last main group to rank and talk about, I’m thinking next week I might talk about my top 5 or top 10 Kenshuusei’s. I’m not totally sure how many it would be since there’s a lot of newer girls who I’m not too sure about quite yet. If you want to see my previous group rankings, the links for my Kobushi Factory and Country Girls rankings are down below, just click on the picture and it’ll take you to the page!



Also, please don’t forget to sign and share this petition to hopefully bring ℃-ute to Canada!

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