Top 25 Hello! Project singles of 2012.

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Day 16.

16th day !

Β Β Β  Day 16. Least favorite member.

My least favorite member changes all time, but at the moment my least favorite member is Natsuyaki Miyabi.

My reason for not liking her isn’t a stupid one, Like her face is too weird, or that she sucks singing. I think Miya is very pretty & she’s very talented in singing, dancing and acting. It’s just her attitude lately that’s bugging me. Like, I find she’s very mean lately. She’s really mean to Momoko, and she makes other people be mean to Momoko too. It’s just too mean, I think she’s a bit too far. Momoko is actually a nice girl.

Day 13.

13th Day !

Day 13. Favorite past or present anime group.

Umm.. I guess My favorite Anime group would probably be Buono!

I like current groups more than past groups. So, I guess Buono! is my favorite one. Anyway, Buono!’s songs were really good when they sang for Shugo Chara. Like, MY BOY, that was a good song. But after Shugo Chara ended, their songs were okay but not as good as the others. But now, to me, their singles suck now. Like, Zassou no Uta, that is the most boring single this year. Anyway, I guess Buono! is an alright anime band.