Top 25 Hello! Project singles of 2012.

Img201202091157164082Since it is now the end of the year, I would like to start my top 25 Hello! Project singles of 2012 (A-sides only)!

Now, I just want to say that this ranking was quite difficult for me to do. This year’s singles were really great and it was hard for me to pick out which ones I liked the best and which ones I didn’t, but to be honest I loved them in all (It definitely shows which songs I liked the best because all the praising starts at #21 and continues. I would like to apologize in advance if it seems like I’m repeating myself but I really love the singles after #21).  All the singles this year were so interesting and different, it’s hard not to love them. None of them were a bore (usually years before I would say previous singles were boring and was the reason why I didn’t like them). Anyway, let the countdown begin!

#25 – Boys be ambitious! (GREEN FIELDS)


To be honest, when I first heard about this unit I was bit excited. I was quite curious on how Aika and Saki would sound together and I was curious about Yuka. I think I over hyped this single for myself though, because I do like this song, it’s a cute song and the members looked cute but I would like it better if someone else sang it. The thing that ruins this single the most for me is Aika’s voice. I forgot how much I dislike Aika’s voice so it wasn’t a pleasant surprise when I first heard this song. But besides Aika, I do like this song. Saki and Yuka sounded really well and their voices fit the single quite well.

#24 – Be Genki <Naseba naru!> (Berryz Koubou)


This Berryz Koubou single may be my least favourite Berryz Koubou single ever. I like how it sounds all cutely and all, but I just don’t really like the “nai nai nai” parts, and I don’t really like the chorus. The song sounds cute but their voices (and outfits) don’t match the instrumental at all. I think this song isn’t really good at all. I like how Risako, Saki and Chinami sound, but this is one single where Miyabi sounds like she can’t really control her voice and this is the only single where I don’t really like listening to her voice.

#23 – The Manterou Show! (Morning Musume)


I really like how retro and “Kono Chikyuu..” this song sounds, and I don’t mind the Reina/Riho being the only ones who really sing in this song, though I would prefer it even more if other members sang too. Besides that though, I can’t really complain about it. I don’t dislike this song but I don’t really like it as much as the other songs that were released this year. It’s still a good song though, it’s retro-like and very catchy.

#22 – DEEP MIND (Buono!)


DEEP MIND is a very good Buono! single if I do say so myself. It’s very rock-based and it has a bit of a dark sound to it. It has a bit of a “Zassou no Uta” sound to it, but I find DEEP MIND much much better. It’s one of the rock-sounding Buono! songs I truly enjoy and the girls’ vocals are used very well in this song.

#21 – Forest Time (Harvest)


I adore this simple but yet cute single, and I think their voices blend together quite nicely. It’s a cute song and really simple compared to the other singles from this year. Even though it’s simple, I find it completely cute and quite good. It’s not boring at all (compared to Boys be ambitious!) and I enjoy this song a lot. I find this song a bit relaxing with their nicely blended voices, it’s a song I wouldn’t mind being on repeat for a couple hours. It’s completely simple and completely enjoyable.

#20 – Suki yo, Junjou Hankouki (S/mileage)


This single is extremely catchy and so easy to sing long with. I really like this song, and it’s one of my favourites because of how catchy it is, and how I’m always singing “Ah, Junjou Hankouki” whenever I’m alone. I also love the fact that Rina and Kana got many lines in this single (I usually don’t care for line distribution but I was quite happy and proud to hear Kana’s and Rina’s adorable and lovely voices). Another reason why I like this single is the beat. I love the beat and how fast paced it is. I really do love this song.

#19 – Dot Bikini (S/mileage)


This single is so adorably cute it’s impossible not to like it. I absolutely adore this single and all of it’s cuteness! It’s a great summer song and it involves the girls wearing bikinis (even though the single was released in May). The “Kakakakakaka.. Natsu Bikini” lines are so catchy, it’s impossible not to randomly sing that line. Everybody sounds and looks really great, and MV is super adorable to watch. All and all, this single is just completely adorable.

#18 – Chou HAPPY SONG (BeriKyuu)


This single was such a surprise for many. Tsunku-san had produced two different songs on two different albums and then combined the two to make this wonderful song! It was such a good idea and surprise (Producer-san is very sneaky and truly a genius!). I completely adore this combination from Berryz Koubou and C-ute. Though this song is actually two different songs, I much prefer this one. The songs alone sound like they’re missing something but listening to this version the song sounds prefect. The girls’ all sound absolutely great and the MV is truly creative and cute. This song is truly great and also really catchy.  One of the best singles this year.

#17 – Fore Fore ~Forest For Rest~ (DIY)


I really like this sub-group and I really like this song. It’s a prefect match in vocals and song. I really loved how Haruna sounded, she sounded really good. The other girls sounded really good but Haruna’s voice stuck out the most for me (maybe it’s the fact that I haven’t really heard her sing and hearing her voice in this song was quite a lovely surprise, I was quite impressed). It’s a good song and if I were to try to get more people to come and like Hello! Project, I think this would be the single I would show them. It’s catchy, it has a good beat, the girls’ look and sound great, the MV is good and enjoyable to watch, etc. This single is truly a good one.

#16 – Cabbage Hakusho (Peaberry)


The ballad is just absolutely beautiful. Ayaka’s voice sounds absolutely splendid and wonderful, I was surprised how wonderful Ayaka could actually sound without using her high-pitched S/mileage voice (I find it shocking, she should always sing like this. It’s really wonderful). Riho sounds good too, and both of their vocals blend together quite swimmingly. It’s a good, cute, enjoyable and relaxing song.

#15 – WANT! (Berryz Koubou)


This song has a very good beat and instrumental, I really like how it sounds and the girls sound quite good too. I think Risako does a really good job in this song, not only does she look absolutely stunning but her vocals just sound so marvelous. The rest of the girls of course look so pretty and they sound quite good too but I think Risako just owns this song. She really sticks out the most in this single, with her good vocals and her fiery red hair look, she’s just awesomely amazing in this song. I really like the instrumental of this song, I think it’s one of the best things from this single (besides the instrumental and Risako. The dance is pretty awesome too).

#14 – Aitai Aitai Aitai na (C-ute)


  I seriously love the sound of this song, even the opera sounding parts and even the guitar parts (the best sounding parts to me). It’s a song I loved when I first heard it and it’ll always be a song that I really enjoy and could never get bored of. Many people don’t really like this song and many definitely don’t like the opera part (what? People are crazy. That’s like the best part of all!) but I really do like this song. It’s one of the best C-ute singles that they have released so far.

#13 – Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku (C-ute)


This ballad from C-ute is impossible not to love and you must be crazy if you don’t love this song. It’s truly a Hello! Project master piece, it’s so lovely. The guitar makes it sound like it’s not a ballad but C-ute’s voices sound so heavenly, and their voices hit all the right notes and this song becomes a super lovely balled. I absolutely love this song. I could listen to their lovely and angelic voices all day if I really wanted to.

#12 – Hatsukoi Cider (Buono!)


Hatsukoi Cider has to be the best Buono! song this year, also one of my all time favourite Buono! songs. I totally love this song, there’s nothing to dislike about this song. The girls sound amazing, they look great (even in the pink suits) and the MV is just amazing. There’s nothing really more I can say about this song besides that it is totally amazing and that I love it a lot (it’s true).

#11 – Samui ne. (S/mileage)


This is one S/mileage single which captures all of the members beauty in voice and appearance. They all look so beautiful and sound really splendid. This song being more of an ballad makes it really beautiful and the girls’ voices don’t sound so high-pitched and strained. I truly think S/mileage should try out some more ballads, this song is just so beautiful. It really compliments their voices quite well and I love hearing their natural voices (especially Ayaka).

#10 – Doki Doki Baby (Mano Erina)


This is such a cute song from Mano Erina this year. Most of her singles this year were quite serious-like but this one is more fun, cute and child-like. It’s a good and cheerful song, and the little “Chu chu chu” “Pi pi pi” and “Non non non” are my most favourtie parts of this song. I just love this song, it’s adorable and Mano Erina is just so cute.

#9 – Choto Mate Kudasai (S/mileage)


What’s not to love about this song? It’s cute, quirky, and extremely catchy. It’s a song I always catch myself singing, especially the “Chotto Matte Kudasai” lines. It’s one of the most catchiest S/mileage singles out there and is one single I truly enjoy and love. It’s completely adorable, cute, and really enjoyable. The girls sound really amazing, even with the constant change of high and low notes (especially Meimi, she does a really amazing job with the constant change in notes). This song is just totally adorable and quirky.

#8 –  Renai Hunter (Morning Musume)


This song is really great and I do really love and enjoy this song. It’s a really cool song, it’s just I don’t think it’s as cool as the other Morning Musume singles this year (like One Two Three and Wakuteka Take a Chance). But besides that I still think it’s pretty cool and I find it kind of flawless. The girls sound great, and the MV is really good (the MV is flawless). Renai Hunter was the perfect single for Risa’s (and Aika’s) last single with Morning Musume.

#7 – Pyoko Pyoko Ultra (Morning Musume)


This song is just absolutely adorable. I actually love this song (some don’t really), and I really like the chicken costumes (they’re adorable, I don’t get why people don’t like them). This song is super cute, cheerful and energetic. It’s a song that can make you instantly happy with all it’s cuteness and cheerfulness. It’s just extremely adorable and I really love this song. I really like “HA” parts and they seem like they’re my favourite parts of the song (they always make me smile for some reason, especially the one at the very beginning of the song).

#6 – One Two Three (Morning Musume)


This song is amazingly good and I can totally relate to the lyrics. Everything about this single is just totally amazingly awesome. The girls look and sound absolutely amazing, the dance is really cool, and sound of the song is just really awesome and cool.  It’s a really catchy and really good song. There is nothing bad or wrong with this single, this song is just simply amazing.

#5 – Cha cha SING (Berryz Koubou)


Cha cha SING probably has to be the best Berryz Koubou single this year (I find it is). The Thai theme they were given was so well done. The outfits, the song, and the MV perfectly fits the theme. It’s amazing how well Berryz Koubou incorporated this song. They all sound really wonderful and I think they did better than the original song (since it is a cover n’ all). I also really like how Miyabi centered this song is (she really stands out from the rest in this song). This song seriously has the best theme and it’s done really well. I enjoy this a whole lot.

#4 – Song for the DATE (Mano Erina)


Song for the DATE is the only fast-paced song Mano Erina has produced this year. It’s a really good song with a really good beat. Mano Erina does sounds really great and the MV for this song is quite creative and is interesting to watch, with “dark” Erina and “light” Erina, and the poster/fire thing. It’s really interesting, it has a type of a meaning but it really depends on who watches it, because the meaning may differ from one another, but usually it’s generally the same. It’s a really good song, and has a really good MV, I really like this song.

#3 – Wakuteka Take a Chance (Morning Musume)


One Two Three may be amazing but Wakuteka Take a Chance probably has to be even more amazing and awesome. This song is just so perfect! The girls look amazing (even though their outfits are a bit odd but they still look amazing), their vocals are just so wonderful (even though there’s a lot of auto-tone), and the instrumental is just so awesome. This song is extremely cool and I really love this song. I still can’t get over how amazing, awesome, and cool this song is.

#2 – Tasogare Kousaten (Mano Erina)


Tasogare Kousaten is one Mano Erina’s best singles she ever put out and it’s one of my all time favourites. It’s such a beautiful song and Erina’s voice sounds so splendid and beautiful. It’s such an amazing and beautiful song. I always loved this song ever since I heard the first time sometime earlier this year. It’s a song I will always truly love and enjoy.

#1 – NEXT MY SELF (Mano Erina)


This song is the best Mano Erina single and the best single of 2012. I absolutely love this song. This being Mano Erina’s graduation single makes it much more emotional than it should be, since it is such a cheerful and happy song. Every time I watch the MV, it brings me to tears from how beautiful and happy she looks and how it is her final single within Hello! Project. Erina looks so stunning and beautiful in the MV and her voice is so angelic and wonderful to listen to. It’s a perfect song for her and it’s a perfect final single for her.


I would also like to take the time to talk about my hopes and predictions for Hello! Project in the next year.

Morning Musume

oda sakura +

In the beginning of the year, it seemed Morning Musume’s sales weren’t going to be so good this year. With Pyoko Pyoko Ultra becoming their lowest selling single in Morning Musume history (only selling 34k) people were beginning to panic. But when Niigaki Risa’s graduated single “Renai Hunter” was released, it didn’t really sell as much as Takahashi Ai’s graduation single but it did sell better than Pyoko Pyoko Ultra (Renai Hunter selling 49k) things were beginning to look bright for Morning Musume again. Then with their 50th single and the first single with Michishige Sayumi as leader, One Two Three sold over 100k in it’s first week (which they haven’t sold that much since 2004) then Wakuteka Take a Chance selling 88k all together, Morning Musume’s future is beginning to look bright again and it seems like they’re becoming popular again (which is totally a good thing!). It’s truly amazing to see Morning Musume to sell so well again and I really hope they continue this good promotion and sales streak.

But of course sales and promotion isn’t everything. Morning Musume had a splendid year this year. With only 2 graduations and 1 audition, they weren’t so busy this year. All of their singles this year were so good and amazing, I enjoyed them all. I really hope their 2013 singles will be as good as this years. I also really hope that 11th Generation member, Oda Sakura, will have a successful debut single. With Tanaka Reina’s graduation in the spring, I’m really curious on how Morning Musume will be like and how their songs will sound without Reina. Hopefully the impact of her graduation won’t be too big on the group, and hopefully their singles will be just as awesome as if Reina is still in the group.

All of Morning Musume’s singles this year were all ranked #3. It’s a good rank and I’m glad they didn’t go any lower but I do hope sometime in the next year that one of their singles may be ranked #2 or even hopefully #1.

Berryz Koubou


Berryz Koubou had an alright year this year. Be Genki <Naseba naru!> wasn’t the best single they released, WANT is pretty cool though but Cha cha SING was definitely the best Berryz Koubou single this year. Berryz Koubou did a lot of overseas promotion and mini lives in America and in Thailand, which is a good thing for them. Their sales were pretty good I guess, Be Genki didn’t really sell that well but Cha cha SING did do an alright job on the charts. For the new year, I hope Berryz Koubou’s sales go up a bit. They have really good songs, but they never really sell that well but I hope they do well in the next year.

Their single ranks weren’t really good as you would want them to be, with Be Genki ranked #9, Cha cha SING ranked #6 and WANT being ranked #3. I would also like to see their ranks go higher in the next year. I would like their ranks to be as high as WANT for the next year, at least over #5.



What I hoped for C-ute last year has came true. I hoped for them to have better sales, and which they did. Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku sold 46k and Aitai Aitai Aitai na sold 49k. It’s totally amazing how well C-ute’s singles sold. They also ranked pretty well on the Oricon charts, Kimi wa Jitensha ranked #3 and Aitai Aitai na ranked #4. C-ute had a splendid year and I’m really happy and proud for them.

For the next year, I hope the very same as last year. I would like for their sales to continue to be as high as this years, I don’t expect much higher as 49k, but I would love to see their sales being over at least 25k. I also hope they have really good and catchy songs next year since this years were quite good.

Mano Erina


Mano Erina had a wonderful year this year. Her songs were absolutely marvelous and I loved each and every one. The hopes I had for Mano Erina last year also came true. I hoped for her to have better ranks than #10 and she did. Doki Doki Baby ranked #9, Song for the DATE ranked #7 and NEXT MY SELF ranked #8. The ranks are pretty close to #10 but they did do a better job and didn’t end up any lower or even ranked at #10. Which is good, but it was her sales that didn’t really do a good job. All of her singles sold under 20k, which isn’t that good.

But her sales don’t even matter. She had a wonderful year and it’s extremely sad that this year was her last full year in Hello! Project. She still has another two months to go in Hello! Project and she has another album coming out shortly but NEXT MY SELF was her final single. I don’t really know what to say about someone who is leaving us so soon, but I do hope she has a beautiful graduation and I hope for the best for her future.



Last year I hope for new members in S/mileage, which sadly didn’t happen but I’m always hoping for new members for S/mileage. S/mileage had pretty good singles this year, they all were so good and catchy. Their ranks were a bit low this year, three singles being ranked #6 and only one being ranked #7. Their sales were also alright, all of them sold roughly 22k. So because of that, I hope S/mileage’s sales become higher and I hope their ranks become higher than a #6, I would love to see a S/mileage single being in the top 5 in the next year.

Mitsui Aika


I’m not a huge fan of Aika and I don’t really know what to hope for her in the next year. But I am curious on what UFP will do with her in the new year. I hope she has good year anyway (I don’t know what to say).


This year was a wonderful year for Hello! Project. All of their sales were all quite good (at least over 11k) and their ranks were also quite good (none of them being in double digits). I hope all the groups have good sales, promotion and ranks in the next year. I also hope they do something with the Kenshuusei’s for a new H!P group or something in the the next year. I hope they have another BeriKyuu or Mobekimasu single (they’re so good). I hope that there is more sub-groups in H!P (they’re quite interesting and cute). And I hope the very best for all of the members in future and let’s hope nobody else graduates (it’s too sad and heartbreaking when the members graduate). All n’ all, let’s hope that Hello! Project has a wonderful year this new year and I really hope for the best for 2013.

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