Fukuda Kanon’s Graduation.

Fukuda Kanon-594518It’s been a few days since Kanon’s graduation which was on November 29th at Nippon Budokan, I know my blog has been pretty quiet for about a month but I think today I’m gonna take some time to talk about Kanon. Better late than never I guess!

img20100402191233261When I first became a fan of Hello! Project, S/mileage was only formed for a few months and just released their first indie single “aMa no Jaku” in June. I’ve always thought Kanon was very cute and I liked her quite a bit. Many people would always compare her to looking like Morning Musume OG member Kago Ai, but my first impression was that I thought she kind of looked more like Lucy Liu (lol). It’s a little silly but that was my first impression of her back in 2009 and for a few years, but I feel like as the years went by my first impression of faded.

Though I’ve always liked Kanon, she never really became my absolute favorite throughout the years. I liked her voice and I always thought she looked very cute but there was always something about her that kinda made me turn away from her. Even now I’m not too sure why or what made me think that way. Maybe it was her personality or just her general aura but she just seemed like someone I would just clash with, who really knows though since I’ve never met the girl.

Smileage 13Kanon was apart of S/mileage and I truly loved S/mileage as soon as I found the current Hello! Pro back in 2009, so I loved her too. It was as simple as that.

Kanon does have some really great talents, and I’ve always admired how she can pump up a crowd during the performances of “Watashi, Choito Kawaii Urabancho.” I really love those performances simply because of Maro’s interactions with the crowds, while she’s pumping them up I start to get pumped up too. I’ve always thought that was really amazing.

Smileage 16I found her big smile that she had at the very beginning of S/mileage began to fade more and more with each 1st Generation member’s graduation. Of course there was only two of them who left, but S/mileage was very important to Kanon and I’m sure it was a change she couldn’t really accept. S/mileage was changing into a different image throughout the years and they’re now called ANGERME. She even said herself somewhere that she felt pressure and insure when the 3rd generation came, she couldn’t really deal with being in a large group.

I’m sure she loved being in Hello! Project in her 11 years of service, and though I was worried for her since it seemed to me that she was sometimes unhappy for quite sometime. I’m sad to see her leave ANGERME and Hello! Project, but all I really wish for these girls is happiness so I’m happy for her that she decided on a new life path as a song writer.

ANGERME 22I’m also pretty sad that Dawa is last remaining 1st generation member of S/mileage but I’m also hoping she stays for the long while. I would be absolutely heartbroken if she ever graduated, I don’t even wanna think about (;0; )!!

Trying to type this out I feel like I don’t really have a whole lot to say about Kanon and I feel like I’m just rambling so I’m just gonna end this post with some blog pictures of her with other S/mileage / ANGERME members!

I wish you all the best, lots of success, and tons of happiness with your new career! ❤

Ayaka - Kanon 14Kanon - Yuuka 01Kanon - Saki 03Kanon - Kana 01Kanon - Fuyuka 01Kanon - Akari 01Kanon - Rina 01Kanon - Mizuki 02Kanon - MahoKanon - Rikako 03

Fukuda Kanon, Wada Ayaka-594522

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