ANGERME’s 4th Generation Winner!

12208279_973243589401225_4017704031296277328_nThe winner of ANGERME’s 4th generation audition has been announced today at ANGERME’s event for their newest single. The one and only winner is Kamikokuryo Moe! She’s from Kumamoto and she’s sixteen years old, her birthday is October 24th.

There’s footage of Moe with ANGERME in this week’s Haro Sute starting at 18:18!

(There’s also footage of Country Girls’ new members in this episode too!)

It’s been said that 1,000 girls auditioned for ANGERME’s 4th generation, Moe’s application number was #118. Mitsui Aika did a short interview with Moe on UP-FRONT LINK’s Facebook page (link). Please check it out to learn a little more about ANGERME’s new addition!

an2_sI’m actually a bit surprised to hear ANGERME got their new generation today and to see only girl to pass the audition, but it was still really great news to wake up to! From first impressions, I think Moe is a pretty cute girl, I don’t much about her talents just yet but I will be keeping my eye on her to see what she’s capable of doing. Since ANGERME is my most favorite group, it shouldn’t be hard to see her progress and development within ANGERME.

I thought it was extremely adorable and the most sweetest thing to see all the ANGERME members hold hands in a big circle while singing to Taiki Bansei. Since all ANGERME members already have close relationships with each other, I’m sure it won’t take very long for Moe to just fit right in with the other members.



To my readers, I’m sorry that I’ve been quiet these past few weeks but I hope to have my MV review for ANGERME’s new single once I get my internet back so please look forward to that (*^^*)!!

Also, just wanna leave the petition link down below as usual. Please sign and share if you have not yet, lets try our very best to get ℃-ute to come to Canada~!

{ ute for Canada Petition }

Chisato - Mai 03Now playing: Hush – miss A

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