Morning Musume ’14 Arrives in New York + My Travel Plans.

BtyYtHMCMAEaq-yHello everybody! I’m just here to say something right quick then I got to hurry scurry to get ready for the rest of the day. Morning Musume ’14 has made it to New York safe and here’s a fan video of them arriving in the airport. It appears that the 12th generation has not traveled with the other members but it doesn’t surprise since they were just added the other day and don’t debut until 2015.

As for my travel plans, my flight to New York is at 6am tomorrow but I would probably need to be there earlier maybe around 4ish. Right now it looks like I’m not going to get much sleep but I’m gonna try to sleep on the plane. My trip is only a short one, I’ll be leaving tomorrow, staying all day Sunday and heading home on Monday. I’m literally just going for the concert. It’s going to be my first time seeing Morning Musume live in concert after 5 years of liking them and just missing them in LA back in 2009. I’m extremely excited for this event!

If any of you guys are going, please feel free to say hello or something. I’ll be wearing that pink t-shirt in the picture above and I know I don’t post my face here but here’s my Instagram so you can see what I look like if any of you want to say hello or whatever. I don’t expect anything really but I think it’ll be cool.  I’m not bringing my laptop with me to New York since I’m not going to be there for long so as soon as I get home I’ll write my report about the concert, and maybe post some of my own pictures. I don’t have a twitter so if  I do any updates about my trip it’ll mostly be on my instagram.

urlI was luckily enough to be able to get a VIP ticket for myself and my mom (who is coming on this with me). I’m really nervous about actually meeting those ten beautiful girls and I never really stopped thinking about what I’m going to say to them during the handshake event. As of right now though I think I might have an idea of what to say to each girl, and the handshake event is after the concert so it might give me more ideas of what to say to them. I can’t say enough that I’m extremely excited for this trip and concert!

Before I go, here’s a video of Sakura introducing the goods for this concert.

I wish everybody else who is traveling, a safe trip to New York (*^^*)!!
Bye bye~

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