[EDIT] 12th Generation Members Winners!

tumblr_n9ks5h0gkM1qiapv1o1_500The 12th Generation members have been revealed at Morning Musume 14’s autumn concert GIVE ME MORE LOVE ~Michishige Sayumi Sotsugyou Kinen Special~ at Nippon Budokan on September 30th. There’s currently not much details at the time that I’m writing this, but I will tell you the things that are currently known and updated with pictures and later information.

The winners are Ogata Haruna (age: 15. From: Osaka), Nonaka Miki (age: 14. From: Shizuoka), Makino Maria (age: 13 & Hello Pro Kenshuusei. From: Nagano), and Haga Akane (age: 12 & Hello Pro Kenshuusei. From: Aichi).

It seems that in this round of generations, two Hello Pro Kenshuusei members got in with only two new girls. I was hoping for uneven number of girls like three or five so that the dances and Morning Musume will have an even number of girls but again in this round we got four new Morning Musume members. Right now, we know that the new members will start doing handshake events with the current Morning Musume ’14, but will not make their debut until the new year when it turns into Morning Musume ’15.

Usually I did two posts in the past, one where I talk about the winners then another post talk about my thoughts about the new members but this time I’m just gonna put the two together and do it as one. Right now since I don’t know what the Haruna or Miki look like I’m going to be talking about the Kenshuusei girls first then with later information, do a first impressions on the newer girls.

Makino Maria

I’ve always really liked Maria, she’s undeniably adorable. I’m glad that she auditioned again for Morning Musume since she first auditioned for the 11th generation but lost to Sakura. Since then she’s been added to Hello Pro Kenshuusei and has been a fan favourite ever since. If it helps much, she’s a fan of Sayumi, and Sayumi is a fan of her. So far I think she has a pretty good voice, she sang Happy Summer Wedding at the latest Nama Tamago Show. I think she has some potential, I think she could improve very quickly during her time and I think she’ll become a fan favourite in no time.

Haga Akane

tumblr_n5klcx3gU41sl9t84o4_500I guess I’m a bit surprised with Akane getting chosen for Morning Musume since I find that all her generation mates within Hello Pro Kenshuusei have stronger abilities than her. Like Maria though, Akane has auditioned for Morning Musume before but didn’t make it on her first try. She auditioned for Morning Musume’s first 12th generation, but as we all know nobody got through on that round. But I’m glad she got in this time, and I’m curious to see what she could bring to Morning Musume. At the latest Nama Tamago Show she sang Nanchatte Renai. I think she has potential to be a great singer later in the future. Fans has also said before that Akane is a Sayumi look-a-like and says that she go for being Sayumi’s little sister.

Ogata Haruna

MikiWith first impressions, I think Haruna is a very cute girl. I think she looks a little bit like ex-Hello Pro Kenshuusei and ex-S/mileage member Kosuga Fuyuka. It’s said that she’s a figure skater (hence the pose). Along with Maria, I think Haruna is also a favourite of mine within this generation. They only just entered but with my first thoughts and impressions I think Maria and Haruna are the cutest so right now I like those two the best. Athletes tend to be good dancers so I wonder if she’ll be another rival for Riho and Ayumi.

Nonaka Miki

HarunaWith my first impressions I think Miki would seem like a kind and quiet girl. She seems like she should would be, but I guess we’ll find that out sooner or later. It’s said that she’s very good at English (due to her fathers work). I don’t have much first thoughts about Miki, but she is a cutie.

monew6_s monew7_s monew8_s


I’m very happy with the results, and I really can’t wait to see Morning Musume ’15. Haruna, Miki, Maria, and Akane are all very cute girls. I’m extremely curious and excited to see what these girls can bring to Morning Musume. With Maria and Akane it seems to me that Tsunku had Sayumi and/or Sayumi’s fans in mind when choosing these girls since they’re known to be Sayumi’s favoruite and Sayumi’s look-a-like.

Out of the new girls I hope there’s a cute character, or just a brand new character. I hope there’s a good singer so that Riho and Sakura don’t have to be singing all the time. It’ll also be interesting if a new dancer appears to be Riho’s and Ayumi’s rival. As for the colors, there’s not really much left but I kinda hope that somebody gets like a cream colour. The colours that are available are dark purple, light blue, cream, a light or darker orange, light pink (after Sayumi graduates), and there’s also brown/maroon, sliver, gold, white, or even black.

Here are more photos, along with an audio of the announcement.

tumblr_ncpxqa40MW1s8zwfao1_500 Byyf4eQCUAEuufZ

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