Morning Musume ’14 Concert in New York City.

tumblr_ncauhrspT01qzegu6o1_500I’ve just came back from my trip to New York City to see Morning Musume ’14 live in concert yesterday. I was a bit busy yesterday so I couldn’t blog about this right away but today I have lots of time for myself so I will talk about my experience seeing and meeting Morning Musume ’14 for the first time.

I was extremely excited to see these ten beautiful girls in real life that I was only able to get four hours of sleep. I was thinking of maybe lining up around 12pm or so since the concert didn’t start until 4pm but when me and my mom decided to look for the venue and kinda explore the city a bit and after getting lost, when we finally found Best Buy Theater there was already a long line. It was only about 9:30 in the morning and I wanted to line up. My mom however did not so we went back to the hotel, I got my stuff ready and headed to the line by myself. When I did get back to it, it seemed to get longer.

At first when I was in the line I didn’t really start talking to people and just kept to myself. There was girl that lined up behind me and later on I ended up talking with her and the three people that were in front of me. During our wait we became concert buddies and we stuck with each other for the concert and handshake event.

Even though I lined up pretty early the time seemed to go by so fast. There was a lot of interesting people walking by and things happening. There was people going around with a life size Sayumi cutout, asking if anybody wanted to take pictures with it (I didn’t get a picture though). There was Japanese fans selling Morning Musume L size photos, and there was also Japanese fans just giving away Morning Musume cds or trading cards (you only got to pick one and I took a Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe Eripon trading card). The Aeropostale building that was next to us, their fire alarm went off and firemen and firetrucks eventually came to check it out. We had lots of people who were passing by asking us what we were waiting for, they seemed so curious when they asked but whenever someone said it was a concert for Morning Musume they seemed disappointed with the answer and continued walking by. It was kinda funny after awhile.

IMG_3219 IMG_3225Eventually while waiting in the line, I ended up meeting my online friend Norma. She was lined up way up front and lined up since like 3am. It was great to finally meet her after only chatting with her on facebook for the past few months. I had a present for her so gave it to her when she came. I’m really glad that she loved it! She only stayed for a few minutes before heading off towards somewhere (I don’t really remember where). She did came back just after I picked my trading card and told me that she just missed seeing Morning Musume since some of the girls checked out the front of the line and took pictures. After telling me that she went back to her spot at the very beginning of the line.

For most of the time while waiting in the line I just chatted with my new friends that I’ve met. Talking about various things like popular members of Morning Musume, the 12th gen, S/mileage and bunch of other topics. They had really different opinions from me, it was interesting to hear but in my head I didn’t agree with much of what was being said. Since they were just people I’ve met and didn’t want to be excluded out of our little group we created I didn’t disagree with them. But there was a few things that bother me a bit when I was waiting in line, but I’m pretty sure it was because of my OCD. Like one girl had a Haruna Chance microfiber towel and she kept dropping it on the dirty New York City sidewalk, she coughed a lot and even coughed on her Haruna towel, and other time she was looking at all her photos she was planning to give away (it was a huge stack by the way), there was no protectors for them and she was just touching them like nothing. They even full of scratches (which I tell from the sun being on them) and probably full of finger prints too. It was totally cringe worthy! I would never do any of that stuff, ugh! It bothered me a lot actually.

When it reached 1pm, the staff started to pick out the VIP’s and our whole group followed them towards another line near the doors for the concert. We tried our best to stick with each other and we did pretty good job at doing so. While waiting in this line, staff started to put on VIP bracelets on us so we could go to the handshake event. After that other staff people started handing out the cds, handshake tickets, and signed VIP passes. It was some really amazing stuff!

When the doors finally opened at like 3pm, we all headed inside. We lined up again to enter the venue. I checked my coat and bag, and went back to my friends. I was also gonna get some goods and I was just about to line up when I seen the staff open the door and people heading in. I ran back to my friends without any goods and told them that they were opening to doors. We stuck together and we found a great spot that was really close to the stage.

IMG_3239We waited again and around 4:10pm, the concert was beginning and right in front of me was Kudo Haruka! She looked absolutely gorgeous! I couldn’t believe it! I was never the biggest Duu fan but just after seeing her in front of me I just couldn’t help but to fall in love with her. It was the real Kudo Haruka in front of me! Then finally Ikuta Erina came up and she looked so gorgeous as well. I had my Ikuta Erina Evolution wristband on and my penlight was lime green. She is my favourite Musume girl and I wanted to support her to most.

Found this picture on tumblr, I'm the arm with the lime green penlight.

Found this picture on tumblr, I’m the arm with the lime green penlight. I edited the picture for a better look to where I was since the picture was longer.

The concert was beyond amazing. They sang all my favourites as well as my moms favourite which is I WISH (updated), she was not with me during the concert but she was there in the seats. During the concert I got two smiles from Eripon! One was during a little MC and one was a little while after that, and near the end I got a wide eyed look and then smile from Kudo Haruka! It felt like I was floating on a cloud. While watching Eripon dance I caught her famous wink that she does after she sings a line. I was amazed to see her wink in real life. It seems to me that they sang the songs that would get the most cheers from the crowd so at first it was surprising to hear Kimagure Princess but that song tends to get a lot of feedback from the crowd so it makes sense if you think about. And of course they sang Love Machine and Renai Revolution 21 (updated versions), during the beginning of Love Machine Mizuki had the biggest smile of her face after the first lyrics were sung (which is “Nippon Mirai wa WOW WOW WOW”), her smile was just so priceless. They also sang Shabondama which was a really pleasant surprise and really amazing. I would say that the Matenrou Show surprised me the most since it’s not usually sung as much recently and I didn’t really expect it. Lalala no Pipipi was really amazing and the whole venue was full of pink! The only recent songs they didn’t sing was Egao wo Kimi wa Taiyou Sa, Ai no Gundan (which is one of my favourites and I kinda wished they sang it), and Kimi wa Ireba Nani mo Irenai.

If I wasn’t watching Eripon, I was watching Duu. But of course I couldn’t ignore the girls that were right in front of me. Mizuki looked so stunning even though she was so sweaty during the course of the concert. Which is normal to see if you watch Morning Musume concerts with her in it. Ayumi could not keep the huge smile off her face the entire time. Sayumi was beyond adorable in real life, and she had a bit of a costume malfunction while transitioning from her red dress into her American flag looking outfit. She was stuck and couldn’t get it off so she had to go the side to get a staff to help her with it. I noticed Masaki having the same problem but Sakura and I think Erina was trying to help her while continuing to dance in their spots. Haruna was extremely cute as well and it looked like she was just loving being here at the concert. Kanon was almost just as cute as Sayumi and she definitely got the most cheers from everybody during their introductions. She was so amazed and shocked by it that she had to wait a little bit until the cheering died down so she could finish talking. The other girls were amazed and shocked by it as well. I’m a bit sorry to say but I didn’t pay much attention to Masaki or Sakura. I really like Masaki too, but the other girls just caught my attention more than her. At first during the concert, the girls tried their best to speak English but after awhile Zukki asked if we understood Japanese and everybody cheered, the girls look shocked but they started to speak Japanese by the end of it.

After singing and dancing for a little over an hour the concert stopped and the encore began. After about 10-15 minutes of an encore and Sayu call, the girls came back on stage in their Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe outfits and Sayumi thanked us for the encore and Sayu call. They performed Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe, said their thoughts about the concert, and the last song they sang was Happy Daisakusen. There was a Japanese Wota next to me and when they did the main dance for it, he put his arm behind me and swayed like the girls. I was a bit surprised but I just went along with it. Even though I noticed people with their phones out taking pictures and videos which we weren’t allowed to do, I decided to sneak two photos during the encore. They’re not the clearest of pictures but it’s something.

IMG_3241IMG_3243After they waved us goodbye and the concert was over. The staff was telling us that all the VIP’s have to go sit in the seats so we can wait some more for the handshake event. They were doing it row by row but since our little group was pretty far up we had to wait awhile and watch a lot of people go before us, but I took a few more blurry pictures while waiting for our turn. They played the MV’s of Tiki Bun, Shabadabadoo, and Mikaeri Bijin on the screens while we waited.

IMG_3245 IMG_3247 IMG_3249When we finally got to our rows turn, we all got up and waited in the line. I was feeling more tired than nervous by this time. I hadn’t really got an idea of what to say to them when it was my turn so for the most part I told them thank you and daisuki. Here’s what I said to each girl.

Sakura – “Sakurachan!” shakes hand. She says thank you and she looks so cute and happy. Her hands were really soft.
Haruka – “Duu wa sugoi!” Either she asked me if I cried or she disagreed with me. She said something that began with “nai” At first I thought she asked me if I cried (asking “naichau?”) but now that I thought about it more maybe she didn’t agree with me (saying “naideru”) (lol). But she caught me off guard anyway and I think she knew I didn’t get it so she just said thank you and smiled.
Masaki – “Maachan!” shakes hand. She looked like she was having fun.
Ayumi – I wanted to say something about her dancing but in the end I didn’t, and when I shook her hand she said thank you, and I said thank you. But I’m sure if she got the emphasize on the word you (lol).
Haruna – We shake hands and we say thank you to each other. I end up saying “Manga daisuki!” she got really excited and said “me too!”
Kanon – I swear Kanon is much more cuter in real life with her big Zukki smile. We shook hands and said thank you, but her impression on me was really big.
Riho – I was still distracted by Zukki so I don’t really remember what I said to Riho. I just remember her looking really pretty in front of me. I probably just said thank you to her too.
Erina – When I finally got to Eripon, I said “Eripon daisuki!” and she said “Watashi daisuki” puts her hand on her chest and says “Me too! I love me too.” while nodding. It was funny.
Mizuki – Mizuki’s handshake was firm (which is what to expect from Mizuki). Since I said I love Eripon, I just continued with that and said “Mizuki daisuki!” she looked happy and smiled at me, and said thank you.
Sayumi – At last I reached the leader and said “Sayumi daisuki!” she says thank you. Before I walked away I did a usa-chan peace to her which she did back. I waved a bye-bye to her and she also did that back. Sayumi was so adorable in real life but she seemed cold and tired (since she had a blanket around herself).

Even though I don’t really remember what I said to Riho, I do remember that she was waving to us a lot when we were waiting for our rows turn which was really great, and I’m glad I remember that even though I can’t really remember her during the handshake event. The handshake event was a really big blur to me, and a lot of other people too.

I was planning to get some goods after the handshake event since I couldn’t get them before but as soon as I walked out the door the people who were selling the goods, just said that everything got sold out. It was a bit of an “aw man” moment to be missing getting any goods from this concert but I continued to get my coat and bag to head back to my hotel since I was extremely sore and tired now (plus I found the goods to be a bit lame but wanted at least something from this concert, it’s too bad though). I met up with one of my friends before leaving and we finally exchanged names (I exchanged names with my other friends but this friend was in the bathroom when it happened). I told her that it was nice meeting her and we parted ways.

I grabbed a smoothie from a cafe before heading to the hotel, back in the room me and my mom told each other about our experiences since we were in different spots during the concert and she headed back to the hotel when the handshake event was about to start. We ate some really thin pizza and talked some more about the concert.

I’m really happy that me and mom went to New York City to see Morning Musume ’14. It was definitely a dream come true for me. I just missed them back in 2009, I wasn’t gonna miss this one. I had lots of fun during everything, even the long line didn’t seem that bad at all besides it being a little chilly. Two days later I’m still a bit sore from standing all day and cheering and singing loudly but it was very well worth it. I hope they come back to North America someday because I’ll totally see them again without batting an eyelash. Everything was so fun and amazing. I still can’t really believe it. I hope everyone else had fun at this concert too, the theater seemed pretty packed. I must say that I’m more in love with Duu now so her and Eripon are definitely my favourites now. All the girls were just so amazing, they must be so happy about coming to America for a concert of their own.

This has been my experience. I hope I didn’t forget to mention anything.
Bye bye~

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  1. 1) You and I got the same Eripon TokiSora photo!
    2) That girl with the cutout was pretty cool. She was from NYC but is moving to Wyoming soon with her military husband.
    3) I wish I knew you were behind me 😦 I’d have bought you a hot dog, too!

    • 1) I love Eripon too~ ❀ !! I really wanted her TokiSora card but I got Riho's instead when I got my copies. So I was really happy with the card I got from the nice fan ~
      2) Was she? I was I could have talked to some more people around me but I'm not a very talkative and a bit of a shy person in real life so I just made friends with the few people that were near me D: !!
      3) Aw, thanks! XD !! There's always a next time if they come back soon, you don't have to though XD !! Ahah~ And I didn't even know that was you until I read your report D: !! If I knew sooner that it was you, we could have chatted D: !! I really loved your t-shirt by the way!

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