Mobekimasu’s – “Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku”

Mobekimasu’s PV came out.
To be honest, this song isn’t the best single this year.
When I heard all of the Hello Project groups would join and become Mobekimasu, and would release Singles, I thought it would be pretty cool, you know.  It’s a pretty good idea if you ask me.

but, I thought the single would be totally awesome & amazing because of the awesome outfits and I thought it would be like & ONE FOR ALL. Where everyone got at least one line. I thought it would be all fairness and no centers.

Like this?

But nope!  I was wrong. DEAD WRONG!
The girls who are center’s in their group are center’s in this group.
It really sucks.

It’s all Risa, Airi, Riho, Reina, Risako, Miyabi, Mano, Maimi & Yuuka!
Even though it’s not a big problem, since they always get lines and it’s no surprise that they got lines in this single too.
but you know, It’s kinda annoying. I like all the main girls but the others need to shine too..

I’m really glad Risa got lines, since she was a bit ignored since Ai was around.
Omg, Imagine if Ai was in this Single, The song would be all hers.
Also, I really don’t mind Riho being in center because, well, she’s obliviously really talented in singer & danicng.
& I really liked her from the beginning, since I seen her in the Kyuuki Auditions. and I was really  happy when I seen her in the front for the dance.
anyway, I don’t mind them being the center & they would probably sell more because the most favorites are the centers.

but still.
I kinda hate but love this single.
and I’m not really sure if I should buy it or not.
Because I totally was gonna buy it but now I’m not sure.

Anyway, If you want to check it out. Here it is:

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