S/mileage’s 7th  Single “TachiAGirl” has ranked #4 in the weekly Oricon charts.
Which really surprised me, to me that single was a bit boring and lacked a lot of stuff.
I didn’t really like the song, I would have loved hearing the new sub-members, their little “oh’s” weren’t enough, even though they are just sub-members and not official members, it would have been a bit more awesomer if they did sing. Then we could see and hear how great the sub members really are. and also the video was bit odd, with the UFO’s n’ all.

I thought this song would be ranked really low because it was so junny.
I was even gonna buy this single, but then changed my mind, because I didn’t really like song or the covers.

It seemed to do well even without my help. and It surprised me.
It sold enough to make #4, Which is higher then any rank they got so far.
They also got #5 or #6, which isn’t that bad.
but #4 is really good for a group who just debuted last May.
and also, it means that S/mileage is becoming a more popular group.

So, congrats to S/mileage ~!

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