Morning Musume’s 10th Generation ~!

From left to right, There is :

Kudou Haruka, Age 11

Satou Masaki, Age 12

Ishida Ayumi, Age 14

Iikubo Haruna, Age 16

I’m really like this new line up for Morning Musume, and As I said before, I would be happy if anyone got in, because all of them were very talented, and I also said that it was anyone’s game. But, I’m really glad these girls got in. They were my favorite’s, I guess. To me, These girls stood out the most, & their vocals were better than the rest.

For some odd reason, As soon as I seen Ayumi when the 10 finalists were announced, I knew she would be in Morning Musume, I don’t know why, but I just knew. Odd eh?
I was really hoping that Masaki & Haruna would get, I think they really improved since the training camp. Especially Masaki, not only did she get a haircut, to make her more cuter, but her vocals really improved. and I thought she had the best out of all of the other finalists, I was shocked that she improved so much, in a so little time. It was amazing. Also, Haruna really improved too, even though I was hoping she would get in too, I wasn’t really sure that she would get picked because of her age, She was the oldest finalist being 16. I was kinda worried for a bit, but I’m really glad she got. It was like a huge relief, aha.
Haruka, was a bit of a surprise for me, even she was an egg for a bit, and was very talented, I wasn’t really sure, Tsunku-san would pick her. I liked her during the auditions, but not as much as I liked Masaki & Haruna. But I am glad she got in. That means four eggs have debuted so far this year. It’s really amazing, I think. aha.

Anyway, please continue to support the 12-nin Morning Musume.


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