Top Morning Musume Members (2012)

Before 11th Generation comes along, I want to do a quick ranking of Morning Musume (and the rest of Hello! Project, group by group though).

1. Sayashi Riho (previously 2nd)

Riho is very talented in singing, dancing, etc! I’ve always like Riho ever since the 9th Generation auditions. She’s really adorable and lovable~! She’s still a bit shy compared to the other girls in Morning Musume, but she’s slowly coming out of her shell. She has great personality when she’s onstage performing, but she’s a bit shy offstage. Her shyness makes her extremely adorable~!

2. Suzuki Kanon (previously 6th)

What can I say about Zukki? She’s absolutely adorable~!! She’s quite talented in singing and her dancing is really improving lately! What’s not to love about Zukki? She’s adorable in every way possible! Her liveliness and energy can also really brighten your own mood!

3) Ishida Ayumi (new)

As soon as I seen Ayumi in the 10th Generation audition, I knew she would get in right away! Her dancing is very sharp and precise, her singing is good. I really like Ayumi, even though she is her own character she kinda reminds me of Riho, both with good dancing and good singing. But I find Ayumi more out-going than Riho. Both girls are pretty adorable though~!

4) Tanaka Reina (previously 8th)

 I seriously love Reina! I really like her singing, dancing and personality! She’s like the Queen of Morning Musume and Hello! Project. And I don’t mind when she gets most of the lines in singles and songs! Reina is like a little kid, even though she also has a very shy character too she’s quite lovable~! It seems that our Yankii Queen is a softy~ (totally adorable!!!). Her dancing is actually a bit weak, but it’s always been like that, I think it’s fine though~

5) Michishige Sayumi (previously 7th)

Sayumi is still extremely cute! Even though her singing isn’t that good as the others but I still like her singing and her dancing is quite good. She’s also a very good leader to the rest of the members, Sayumi is like the mother hen for the rest of the members. I still really adore Sayu~!

6) Fukumura Mizuki (previously 4th)

Mizuki is one of the most flawless member in Morning Musume. Everything she does is done quite well! Her singing, her dancing, her everything! You can’t help but to love Mizuki, she’s very goddess-like!

7) Ikuta Erina (previously 5th)

Miss KY is extremely adorable~! Her singing and dancing are really improving lately. Her obsession with Niigaki Risa is cute but sometimes it’s a bit too much for me to handle but besides that I really love Erina!

8) Sato Masaki (new)

Masaki is the innocent and clingy one! She clings to everyone, which is quite cute! She even helped Reina become a bit more open than she was before. Masaki is a cute little one~! She sings and dances quite well.

9) Kudo Haruka (new)

I like how Haruka is the little boyish kid in Morning Musume. Her boyish charm is adorable~! She can be a bit of a brat sometimes but since she’s still quite young, I guess she can get away with it. Her deep husky voice is also charming, her dancing is also really good!

10) Iikubo Haruna (new)

I really don’t know about Haruna, I like her but there’s something about her that kinda bothers me. Her singing is good but her dancing is really weak. She’s a bit oblivious and slow sometimes. She’s an alright member.

There’s my ranking for Morning Musume for the year 2012! It’s most liking going to change sometime soon (it’s always changing). If you would like to read or look at my other ranking posts about Morning Musume, here’s 2011 (here) and 2010 (here).


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