Morning Musume favorites <3 :D

1) Takahashi Ai-chan

She’s an amazing singer & dancer, and super cute & clumsy ❤

2)  Michishige Sayumi ❤

she’s just cute, ❤

3) Niigaki Risa

strong vocals & just awesome

4) Linlin

She was my 3rd but since she’s leaving she ranked down

5) Mitsui Aika

She may be annoying and loud at times, but lately she’s been getting prettier and cuter ❤

6) Tanaka Reina

She has great vocals, ❤ but she always looks the same

7) Kamei Eri

I don’t know about Eri, but i just don’t really like, she’s cute and all,, but i don’t know…

8 ) Junjun

She’s cute, but she lacks, singing and dancing, well, thats what i think anyway

other morning musumer’s i enjoy 🙂

Yaguchi Mari

she was the founder of Mini Moni, the first hello!project i ever loved was Mini Moni ❤

Tsuji Nozomi

She’s a great singer, and now she’s a awesome mom and wife ❤

Kago Ai

i loved aibon .. ❤ but to bad (-3-)..

Fujimoto Miki

She had the best vocals in morning musume , ever! ❤

Kusumi Koharu

She’s a nutcase but she’s just so lovable ❤

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