[UPDATED] Morning Musume 11th Generation Finalists!!

The finalists for Morning Musume’s 11th Generation has been revealed! There really isn’t much information about the girls besides their names, ages, and hometowns.

There are 6 finalists and the girls are:

1) Ichioka Reina (Age: 14, Hometown: Tokyo)

2) Hamaura Ayano (Age: 12, Hometown: Saitama) (Hello! Pro Kenshuusei)

3) Makino Maria (Age: 14, Hometown: Aichi)

4) Kishimoto Yumeno (Age: 12, Hometown: Osaka)

5) Oda Sakura (Age: 14, Hometown: Kanagawa) (Hello! Pro Kenshuusei)

6) Ono Haruka (Age: 16, Hometown: Kanagawa)

Since there isn’t much information about the girls and I haven’t really heard them sing or seen them dance, so for me I don’t really know who I like. But as of right now I’m kinda rooting for three girls. I’m kinda liking Hamaura Ayano, Makino Maria and Kishimoto Yumeno. Ayano is really adorable and I would really love to see her in Morning Musume, since she was an egg I’m sure that her skills are quite good (I’m only guessing though). Maria looks like she has a lot of potential in singing and dancing. As for Kishimoto Yumeno, she looks like she has some hidden potential. I’m quite excited about this audition, and I would be happy if any of the girls got into Morning Musume, but as for right now those are the girls (Ayano, Maria, and Yumeno) I will be cheering on for this audition, my favourites may change but we shall see.

The training camp footage will be out on next week’s episode of Hello!Satoyama!

UPDATE: A 7-minute clip came out and showed more of the girls potential and talents, also Tsunku says a couple things about the girls

Now that I seen more of the girls, I’m quite impressed with all of them! I like them all and I will be glad if any or all of them get into Morning Musume as the new 11th Generation.


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