Morning Musume 11th Generation Winner!

Morning Musume’s 11th Generation member has been announced today! The winner is Oda Sakura!

Oda Sakura was actually a finalist in S/mileages’s 2nd Generation audition. She didn’t get into S/mileage but she became a Hello! Pro Kenshuusei in late 2011. She auditioned for Morning Musume, became a finalist and now she’s the only member in Morning Musume’s 11th Generation. She’s from Kanagawa prefect and she’s 13-years-old.

I’m quite surprised that only one got into Morning Musume. I said that I would be glad if any one from the finalist’s got into Morning Musume and I am quite happy for Sakura. But I’m still surprised! I totally thought Ayano would get in, but only Sakura did!

Sakura seems like she has a great voice and she can control it so well already, and her dancing is also really good! I’m quite happy for Sakura. I can’t wait to see her in action with the rest of the Morning Musume members!!



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  1. I did not watch a single video or update on the 11th gen auditions. But upon watching Oda Sakura’s video clip of her being accepted into Morning Musume by Tsunku and evaulating her skills, I was impressed. We have to remember this audition was to find a singer not an increase of members. But even I have to agree with some others about it being a 1-nin gen, she has to be pushed then.

    I like her even more after watching the video. She looks so cute and fits so well with the others. She sings really well and her voice changes from low to high, I think her dancing is not so bad either. Someone made a comment that when she imitated Namida Tomarana Houkago, her voice changes from Konno to Miki in the video of her audition time and they were right.

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