Wada Ayaka (03-27-2016) – SAKURA FES

03-27 akari's blog

From Akari‘s blog

Akari says it was really nice talking with Team Syachioko during the SAKURA FES since they haven’t met up with them in a real long time!

Note: I’m not sure what other artists were at this festival but the ANGERME members only mention Super Girls and Team Syachihoko.


03-27 meimi's blog1

From Meimi‘s blog

Meimi shares a picture of Ayaka talking with Team Syachioko’s Ito Chiyuri!

03-27 meimi's blog2

From Meimi‘s blog


03-27 mizuki's blog

From Mizuki‘s blog


03-27 maho's blog

From Maho‘s blog

Bye bye!


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