Recent Book Gets~!

I’m so glad I got new books, I never got any new ones
since like last month D: ..
but finally, my mom bought new ones πŸ˜€ ..

Inuyasha 6 (Viz Big Edition [3 books in 1])
Fruits Basket 2

I had to get the Inuyasha book, it’s the newest viz big edition to come out and lately, I have been loving Inuyasha, I always have loved Inuyasha, but that was when i was 9 or 10 and i didn’t see all the episode’s or read any of the books xD ,, but now that I know how to read manga, I know what’s going on xD ..
but I can’t read it yet .. >:| ..
2 days ago, i’ve decided to read the whole series from what i have and that wasΒ  5 viz big edition ones, and i just finished the second one, not that long ago, So i gotta catch up D: ..
but it’s all good, I love Inuyasha and i can read it over and over and never get sick of it πŸ˜€
So hopefully i can read the sixth one by Monday..? maybe, depends xD

and also the Fruits Basket one, the second one, I have been looking all over for it and finally got it today, I really liked the first one it was quite interesting,and i couldn’t find the second one anywhere & i kept forgetting to order it whenever i order books D: ..
so, hopefully after i read the first again i can read the second one xD

(also, sorry for the webcam photo, I couldn’t find my camera :\)

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