Berryz Koubou’s 25th Single “Heroine ni Narou ka!” PV

This PV & Song is the best of  Berryz ever!! So Much better then the Maji Bomber & Shining Power put together
It’s SUPER amazing ❤
The outfits are extremely adorable & sexy (Love Captain’s)
& I really love the Poker Face concept, They look better then her xD The best looking Berryz Gaga would be all of them xD but i really love Chii’s & Momo’s theirs are different yet really cute (esp Momo)
So, This song is about being a Hero? maybe? But they don’t really do anything that would be hero like,, but maybe when i see the English Translation it might make more sense xD
Well, Anyway, Please Check the PV out,
and please support their single it comes out on March 2nd


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