Morning Musume’s 44th Single “Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game” .. it’s weekly rank number is….. … 6th D: 😦 … unbelievable…

The covers are amazing , and i like the dresses, but #6? D: …

But it had better sells then Seishun Collection .. D: .. and it’s Eri’s, Junjun’s and Linlin’s last song 😦 .. i wonder what happened,, .. hmm ..

also, i would like to talk about the Pv ..

I really like the dancing parts, and i really like the colorful dresses, and it’s a good Pv but i didnt like Eri’s Princess dress :\ .. i thought it was just to over the top for me,

Ai-chan looks like beautiful Queen, Junjun, Risa and Aika’s dresses look cute, Reina and Linlin looked like Princesses ..

over all it’s a great Pv, πŸ™‚ but number #6?

sorry, that i keep bringing it up, but it depresses me 😦 .. ahahah..

The songs that were also #6 are

Morning Coffee and Mikan,, ..

mann.. the number 6 depresses me 😦


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