1 month :'(

.. 1 month until Kamei’s, Junjun’s and Linlin’s graduation 😦

i’ll miss them for sure 😦 ,, but with this graduation i’ll actually be emotional involved, with koharu, i was just liking morning musume then she left, and she wasn’t my favorite.. niether,, but! Linlin, is my 3rd favorite, and kamei and junjun are the funniest/2nd cutest D: …

With linlin, i didn’t like her at first but as i was liking morning musume more, she caught my eye with her odd little gestures .. πŸ™‚ and which was completely adorable, then i began to like her, then she became my 3rd favorite,

Kamei is the funny-cute one, and is always being cheerful and i liked her from the beginning, her dancing and singing is amazing, but lately, she’s been looking.. not that right, it’s not her hair, but she’s been looking sick and/or depressed, She has Atopic dermatitis, but she always looked happy, but maybe cause of the graduation, the stress and other issues, she looks like she’s trying to be happy and cheerful, but i think she’s depressed looking… 😐 ..anyway..Β  do your best kamei!

junjun is one of the cutest members in morning musume XD,,Β  with her chubby cheeksΒ  XD she’s so adorable ..Β  i like her from the beginning too, well i didn’t mind her, but she’s so cute,

now, it’s gonna be very hard, to get used to morning musume with out them and with the new members..

Eri, Junjun and Linlin please do your best until the graduation :’D .. and when your gone, please still do your best, people will still support you.. :’)