Sayashi Riho’s Graduation.

Riho 21Well, it’s the last day of 2015 which means it’s Riho’s last day as a Morning Musume member. I never thought the day would come so quickly, not just December 31st 2015, but the day Riho graduates from Morning Musume. Today I’ll be sharing some of thoughts of Riho over the years, I’ll try not to ramble too much!

9th 03Going back to 2011, well maybe late 2010, I remember being really excited to see who will be the 9th generation members, and I remember I would watch and re-watch the audition footage whenever I could. Watching the audition footage I just loved Riho right away and I had a gut feeling that she would get in. Her talents seemed to be the best out of the 5 finalists (I actually had the same feeling with Erina too).

Riho 22With Maji Desu ka Ska! I actually thought the 9th gen would be pushed evenly but we all know I was dead wrong, with each new Morning Musume single and album, Riho was being pushed towards the center more and more leaving her gen mates in the back. Of course this was most likely management’s decision, though Riho is a quiet and awkward girl she took to this role quite well.

With all this pushing from management there was a time where Riho’s vocals sounded really strained, if you listen to 12, SMART I’m sure you’ll know what I’m talking about. In only about two singles and a few album songs where her vocals sounded strained and different from her usual vocals, but for some whatever reason she sounded just fine in concert and live performances. I guess that’s a good thing that she can hit all the notes better live.

Riho 23I actually just finished watching Ai Believe the other day and I just couldn’t believe that out of nine members there, there will now be only three still active in the group. I actually never thought it would be Riho to graduate first out of the 9th generation. Since she was the center and ace from a very early time since her debut, it was extremely shocking for me to hear that she was graduating so early. I mean 9th generation is just about to hit their 5th anniversary on January 2nd, it’s sad to see that Riho will be gone just before that milestone.

2013 16Though in 4 years, almost 5 years, as a Morning Musume member I think Riho made a big impact in the group. She was center in many many songs and she probably has the biggest fanbase in the current Morning Musume ’15 line up. Throughout the years there was times where Riho really shined and there was a sparkle in eyes, you can see in her that she wanted to do the best she could in singing and in dancing.

tumblr_nd4govzVEx1qzegu6o10_500I’m pretty happy that I was able to meet her at least once in my life and in her time as a Morning Musume member. I can still remember when I went to go shake her hand during the handshake event. Riho was just so full of smiles and I was just so stunned by her beauty that I nearly forget what I even said to her. My thoughts was that she was even more beautiful in real life. To me I think that’s such a great impression to remember her by and something I won’t be able to ever forget.

Though I kinda think that her sparkle and shine started to dull a bit since the beginning of the year, but I will never forget the big smiles she had and the great performances she has done over the years. I’m sure gonna miss seeing Riho as a Morning Musume member and I think it’s gonna take some time for me to get use to not seeing her in the center anymore but I really do wish Riho the best with her path in life!

Riho 19 Riho 20Riho has other aspirations she wants to accomplish and I can respect that. It was a very grown up decision for her to decide that she wants to graduate to study English and more dance techniques overseas. She’s still quite young and I’m sure she can make any dream she has possible.

☆*・゜゚・* Thank you Riho! *・゜゚・*☆
Congratulations on your graduation!

9th 04 9th 05Now playing: What is LOVE? – Morning Musume ’14


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