Wada Ayaka (12-31-2015) – Countdown Live + New e-Line UP Goods!

2015-12-31 Rina's blog

From Rina‘s blog – 2nd gen with Ayaka

Rina mentions that today they held the countdown lives! It’s their first performances as the new 9 member ANGERME! Backstage Ayaka and the 2nd gen were together! Rina says it was a nostalgic feeling since settling down is something they do not know.



4nin S/mileage from December 31st, 2010

Congratulations (blog post) – Ayaka mentions that everyone from Kobushi Factory has won the Best New Artist Award! Ayaka was busy with rehearsals for today’s countdown live but during a break she watched the program just when the song has just begun!

Ayaka says everybody looked so sparkling! And because they dance in white dresses, it somehow reminded her of the 4nin S/mileage era. Ayaka wants everyone in Kobushi Factory to fulfill all their dreams! Congratulations!

Today will be the end of 2015! Ayaka thinks that 2015 went by really fast, though she says it was a bit of a dark year for her. It was a happy year, it was also a year with lots of sad emotions they came and went for the first time. Many things have happened.

Though lots things happened this year, Ayaka thinks that it has made her stronger! Her kanji to represent her new year is “Strong!” She wants her mind to become more stronger.

And! Today is the countdown live!


I’m not too sure where the source of this photo is from, but it looks to be from the COUNTDOWN lives. ANGERME performing with the new 9nin formation.

2015-12-31 live———

HQ previews of Dawa’s newest goods from e-Line UP are now available to order!
These are from the COUNTDOWN Lives and are available until February 1st 2016, so get them while they last!

2015-12-31 elineup2

Hello! Project DVD Magazine vol.47

2015-12-31 elineup1

Hello! Project Collection Photos

2015-12-31 elineup3

Hello! Project Pin-up Posters (currently SOLD OUT, but will most likely be restocked later)

2015-12-31 elineup4

Wada Ayaka 2L set

2015-12-31 elineup5


2015-12-31 elineup6

Off-shot L set B


Lastly Ayaka and the rest of ANGERME (expect Moe) has appeared in the fashion magazine Seventeen!

2015-12-31 magazine

Bye bye!

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