Shimizu Saki (12-30-2015) – Notebooks + Kobushi Factory

2015-12-30 notebook

From Saki‘s blog – Her notebook

Notebook (blog post) – Saki says that this was the book she used for her schedule’s this year. She writes in this diary everyday and she feels nostalgic when she re-reads older entries. She needs to get a new one for the new year, she aks if anybody else uses notebooks like this?


2015-12-30 kobushi

From Saki‘s blog – Kobushi Factory

Kobushi Factory (blog post) – Saki congradulates Kobushi Factory for winning the Best New Artist Award from the 57th annual Japan Record Awards. Saki wants Kobushi Factory to continue always doing their best and wishes them good luck, she wants them to aim higher more and more!

Bonus: Fun Facts!
~ Morning Musume has also won this award in 1998
~ ℃-ute has won this award in 2007
~ S/mileage has won this award in 2010

Bye bye!


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