Wada Ayaka (12-30-2015) – Pancake house + Museum visit!

2015-12-30 mizuki's blog

From Mizukis blog – Ayaka + 3rd Gen Date

Mizuki says that the 3rd gen and Ayaka went out for pancakes. Mizuki notes that the everybody’s facial expressions in the photo are unique. She says Ayaka is going “Waaaa”


2015-12-30 dawas blog

From Ayaka‘s blog

“First Qin Emperor and large Terracotta Warriors” (blog post) – Ayaka went a special exhibition which was at the Tokyo National Museum that show cased the “First Qin Emperor and the large Terracotta Warriors” She learnt about them in her Chinese art class and it has always left an impression in her head that she wanted to see them.

Since it was a holiday for her she went during the day and took her time to look around carefully. She said it was such a thrill and she had somuch fun! Though there was a corner where you can take pictures with the Terracotta Warriors she didn’t get one taken since she thought it was embarrasing while being alone.

The Tokyo National Museum is in Heiseikan and it is carried out until February 21st!


Ayaka appeared in fashion magazine with some other Hello! Project members!

2015-12-30 magazine2 2015-12-30 magazineI’m not too sure which magazine this is but if anybody knows please let me know! These scans were uploaded onto her picture board on Hello! Online by sunshine0823.


There is a new Ayaka UR card for Hello Pro Tap Live!

2015-12-29 new RI don’t play Hello Pro Tap Live but I think some of the cards are really pretty and really look like the members. I’m liking how this Ayaka card actually looks like her since some don’t really.


Lastly, this week’s Pocket Morning Q&A from Hello! Online has been shared!

2015-12-30 pocket morningI find it really nice how Ayaka is so honest!

Bye bye!

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