Top Morning Musume ’15 Members.

s26ahPpHey everybody! I feel like blogging today and even though I don’t really have much of a topic, I think it’ll be cool to talk about top members of Morning Musume ’15 since I never really did any of these types of posts since 2012 and Morning Musume has really changed since then. So with that I’m gonna start this post, this time around though I’m gonna start from last to first rather than first to last which I did in previous years.

I just wanna say something before I start this ranking. I really love all the girls, and they all have many good talents and traits. There’s just a few girls that I find more appealing than others. I do not hate and will not ever hate any members of Hello! Project as long as I live. So with that, here’s my Morning Musume ’15 top member ranking.

#13Oda Sakura

odasakuStarting at the bottom is Oda Sakura. I think Sakura is an excellent singer and star performer. She really brings her all in lives and concerts. I really like how she’s really kind to the younger members and tries to help them as much as can, like giving them lessons not long after they came into Morning Musume. She’s really admirable and I must say she has the softest hands ever (from when I was the handshake event in NYC). Though I think she has a lot of good qualities, I just don’t find her personality very eye catching to me, but I do think she’s a very nice and great young lady. I look forward to see her talents blossom more in the future.

#12Makino Maria

12ki2_61When Maria was in the Hello Pro Kenshuusei program I really liked her and I was really happy for her when it was announced that she was a new 12th gen member since she really loves Morning Musume and Sayumi, but now that she’s a full member my interest in her seemed to have died down. She may be my least favorite 12th gen member right now but I still think she’s very cute and I’m excited to see her growth, it even seems she’s getting more of the push since she already received some of Sayumi’s lines. I think Maria has a lot of potential.

#11Nonaka Miki

blog, Nonaka Miki-528756I find Miki’s dancing and English skills to be really great from what I seen so far. She has a very unique voice which I hope to hear more of in their Spring tour. I think she’s a very cute girl who can bring a lot to the table, talent wise I think I’m most hopeful for Miki. I think I would need more time to see her develop and display her talents to see if she’ll go up my ranking more or not, so as for right now she’s at #11.

#10Ogata Haruna

o0480064113176007500From I seen in earlier Haro Sute episodes, Oharu doesn’t seem to have the best dancing skills or even the best singing skills and I found it a bit surprising that she even made into Morning Musume. I’m sure management has their reasons for picking Haruna which we just didn’t get to see quite yet but it’s her early days. Right now she seems like a really shy girl whose been just recently coming more out of her shell. I think Oharu is a very pretty girl and I’m definitely interested in seeing her development over the years.

#9Haga Akane

o04800857132123461011When Akane was in the Hello Pro Kenshuusei program along with Maria, I didn’t really pay much attention to her as other Kenshuusei girls and I would have never guess that she would make into Morning Musume, so I was a bit surprised with her being an addition to the group but I was happy for her nevertheless. I think Akane is very cute and I’m a lot more interested in her now than before, she even managed to become my favorite 12th gen member right now.

#8Sato Masaki

tumblr_nkuzlxSm081tnk6yxo1_500I haven’t really been paying much attention to Masaki these days but she does have some really great and flexible vocals which are hard to ignore since she really improved over the years. She’s definitely still the baby of the group even with 12th gen joining. Masaki is very silly girl who loves to play and poke fun with other members. She’s just too darn cute to ignore.

#7Suzuki Kanon

kanonKanon has also been a member I haven’t really been paying much attention to these days, but one of my friends really loves her so I have been seeing what Kanon’s been doing. Kanon is total comedian and I really admire her love for her own body, it’s definitely a really good message to spread to us fans. I find Kanon to be coming back to who she was when she first debuted. She really seems that she’s just being her own self, I don’t know what happened during the time where she didn’t seem really interested in Morning Musume but I’m just really glad that she seems to have more self-confidence these days. A lot of people love her and I’m glad she seen that when she came to NYC. She has really good and deep vocals which I hope are going to be used more sooner or later.

#6Fukumura Mizuki

mizukiMizuki has always been a very gorgeous girl who has some really great singing and dancing skills. She definitely lives up to her princess title. Even though I know she’s really good at singing I can’t help but to be always surprised with each new concert on how great she really sounds. Though she’s quite young to be the leader of Morning Musume, I’m sure she can handle it. She loves Morning Musume and I’m sure she’ll try her very best to spread the love and name of Morning Musume ’15 to the public.

#5Iikubo Haruna

tumblr_nkd6liNsUn1qzmqnpo1_500Haruna has always been a member that I really liked ever since her addition back in 2011. She wasn’t very good at singing and her dancing was a bit awkward in her early days, but during her years as a member she really developed her skills. She’s a very interesting girl with an interesting love for anime and manga as well. I find Haruna to be a very caring girl whose like an older sister to everybody and that everybody just loves her.

#4Ishida Ayumi

tumblr_nl0s34xKvt1qiapv1o1_1280The first time I ever seen Ayumi during the audition footage I knew she make it into Morning Musume, and in the end she did. She dancing skills are very sharp and I think I might like her dancing more than Riho’s. I find Ayumi to be very much like herself, she doesn’t pretend, she’s just straight up with herself and with other people. I really admire idols who can be just themselves without much of character or a totally different personality. Ayumi has been reminding me of Gaki-san for a while now since Ayumi’s killer performance with HOW YOU LIKE THIS JAPAN in the evolution tour. The girl can really sing and I just generally really like Ayumi.

#3Sayashi Riho

tumblr_nkfw3jqDSw1qz93v9o1_500Riho is total sweetie and I just love her bunches. Not only does she sing really well and dances really great but she has the most cutest personality with the most adorable face. I’ve always been a really big fan of Riho ever since her audition footage as well. She was just so beautiful and stunning during NYC, I don’t remember what I said to her since I was too stunned by her beauty (and Zukki’s cutenss). Some don’t really like Riho but nothing can change my love for her.

#2Kudo Haruka

tumblr_nksramh1mW1qz93v9o1_500Haruka is more of a newer favorite of mine. It wasn’t until after seeing her in NYC that I’ve come to really love her, before that she didn’t really stick out much to me. She’s quite charming with that boyish aura she has, it just makes her even more cuter and lovable. I’m glad that I’ve come to love her as much as I do now, she’s definitely a member that’s worth checking up on and given a chance.

#1 Ikuta Erina

erinaYou might have guessed by now that Ikuta Erina is currently my favorite member of Morning Musume ’15. She was a girl that I was rooting for during her audition days, with the 9th gen audition it was Erina and Riho who I wanted the most to get into Morning Musume. Erina really became a stunning girl over the years. Like some other members, her singing isn’t the strongest and her dancing was quite awkward in the beginning but she also made a huge improvement over the years. She might have a bit of confusing character since she tends to be a bunch of different kinds all at once but doing all that is her character. Her love for Gaki-san, her wanting to center, her love for herself, her magic tricks, her KY-ness, and anything in between. In the end I can’t help but to really love and admire her, she’s a hard working beautiful young lady.

Hello_Project-516034Well, that’s it everybody. I hope you enjoyed my little ranking of the Morning Musume ’15 members. I might continue to this type of posts with other Hello! Project groups in the near future.

Like I said in the beginning, I really love and respect all of them. They’re all so young and they all work so hard. I can’t wait to see how they do together this year. Since 12th gen is still quite new they haven’t made much of an impression just yet but I’m excited to see them in action.

Please feel free to tell me your favorite members of Morning Musume ’15 (*^^*)!!

2 responses

  1. Zukki has always been my favorite. She is not in it for the fame, or the notoriety. Her passion is singing. She deserves more lines (even though she’s been getting minuscule increases over the years) I think she doesn’t get them because she has a very unusual and unique voice. I think I’d Tsunku puts a distributed amount of lines to everyone it would really kick up the unity of the group and the power of the songs. Don’t get me wrong Tsunku is amazing at what he does. But if he just added more equal line distribution the group would benefit greatly. (Sorry to get off topic) πŸ™‚

    Go Morning Musume ’15!!!!!

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