Wada Ayaka (03-26-2016) – Happy Birthday Maho!

03-26 ayaka's blog

From Ayaka‘s blog

Maho the Monster (blog post) – Today Ayaka and Maho has talk and handshake event! They were Nagoya, Yokohama, and Saitama! Ayaka says it was really fun going with Maho the monster! Also, it’s Maho the monsters birthday!

Today’s event is now over and the next will be in Ikuyo! Ayaka will be with Meimi on the next one!


03-26 maho's blog1

From Maho‘s blog

During today’s talk event Ayaka said Happy Birthday to Maho, and again during the handshake event. Also, Maho had pasta with Ayaka and staff-san for lunch!

03-26 maho's blog2

From Maho‘s blog


03-26 radio show

From Ayaka‘s Radio Show Twitter

Ayaka draws a clone of the Buddha statue! Also, it’s the first time Itoshima Distance to be broadcasted!

Here’s the radio rip!


A short preview of Koi Nara Tokku ni Hajimatteru has also surfaced!


A few new items have been listed on the webshop!

03-26 webshop1

B5 size underlay

03-26 webshop2

Badge set

03-26 webshop3

Slim Pouch

03-19 webshop2

ANGERME Refill Holder

It is now available for normal sale. It costs 1800 yen which comes with two L size group photos and one solo member 2L photo!


Also, some press photos from Ayaka’s and Maho’s talk and handshake event have been posted on their Hello! Online picboard uploaded by sunshine0823.

03-26 hmv103-26 hmv203-26 hmv303-26 hmv403-26 hmv503-26 hmv6


Lastly, Ayaka and Kobushi Factory’s Ogawa Rena will be next weeks hosts for Hello! Project’s newest show S-cene.

dawarenaBye bye!


Now playing: Love&Peace=Paradise – Mano Erina

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