Wada Ayaka (03-24-2016) – Handshake Event

03-24 ayaka's' blog

From Ayaka‘s blog

Toyama and Handshake Event (blog post) – Today Ayaka went on location to Toyama. With this trip it, was a bit far but she went! And right now, as she writes this post, the snow is in the middle of falling.

Also, she had a handshake event for “Bijutsu de Meguru Nihon Saihakken~ Ukiyoe ・Nihon ga Kara Butsuzo Made~” With the success of the release Ayaka says it was a very nice handshake meeting! She was very happy to hear everyone’s stories and impressions of their museum and exhibition visits. Ayaka thanks everyone for telling her their studies and interests. Quite a lot of people say they now like art because of Ayacho, and it makes her really happy!

This time around Ayaka got to pick out her own outfit!

To study many things is now a bit difficult for Ayaka now, without the help of Sakurai-san. She’s unsure on what to cover. She’s only able to study a little bit of everything by herself. Today the staff-san was able to teach her a bit when she was feeling unsure by the end.

Little by little, Ayaka would like to continue learning about the small things. Ayaka hopes everyone will read her book!


03-24 rina's blog

From Rina‘s blog

Rina shares 9-shot photo of ANGERME which hasn’t been shared before!


Some live photos from Hina Fest on Ayaka’s Hello! Online picboard uploaded by sunshine0823.

03-24 live103-24 live203-24 live303-24 live4

Bye bye!


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