Shimizu Saki (03-16-2016) – First Time!

12-28 saki

From Saki‘s blog (12-28-2015)

First Time (blog post) – Yesterday Saki played Momotaro Dentetsu* with friends. By the way this was her first time ever playing! After watching an entertainer on TV Arashi, she wanted to try it out too since she has a friend who owes the game. Saki wonders if anyone else plays it?

Saki says it was really interesting and gave her lots of laughs. She also says it was just as fun as it looked on the program! Once you try you eventually hit greatness**

Her friend had to teach her the rules from scratch, Saki says its really fun once you understand! It is something that gets crazy in the middle of the game. If there’s anybody who was like her and never played it before, Saki encourages everyone to try it out!

*I think that’s what she means. It’s a long-running board game in Japan. It kinda sounds like Monopoly / Life to me.
** I think she means like winning in the game.


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